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Astrology has been studied upon the Earth plane for thousands of years.

This writer is saying here that similar schemes of explaining the way that things work also exist upon the other higher planes of existence too.

A look at Astrology from a spiritual perspective

Is Astrology given too much emphasis, or is it elevated to a too higher a position in people’s live?

Does it really have that much influence, and does it really hold any real truth, or authority over us at all? What is it’s real purpose?

Some Astrology practitioners might indeed assume that it does have total control over a soul’s life.

The system of Astrology only really applies on the physical planes of existence, and so to the physical body, with some links to the other bodies, and planes, but not with as strong an influence over us perhaps as sometimes is imagined by us all.

There are other similar systems that apply on other Spiritual planes, and in relation to our other spiritual bodies, such as our Astral or Emotional bodies, and our Mental or Causal bodies, and our Etheric or intuitive Bodies.

Soul itself though is only ever influenced by love at its own particular level above all of these other bodies on the Soul plane.

Astrology in itself contains no extra truths except for what has been placed there upon it, or in it, over the years. It is more a conglomeration, or a collection of observations, truths, and experiences of the workings of Natural Laws.

All truth and natural laws work for themselves, but they all work still under the higher law of love.

The Law of Love states that all is only ever serving love, and that love is serving all else. The Law of Love simply states that, that that which is loved must give love back.

If you do not fully accept love, nor give it fully back out, you are then subject to the lower laws, including the Law of Karma.

Astrology is a science in that it can become a study of the way these natural laws work.

It can therefore predict in a way the way that your life will go.

This is because the laws will always follow themselves. You are being influenced by certain configurations and patterns governed by certain laws, such as the karmic law.

And as this is the case it might really seem like to you that Astrology is somehow influencing you, and predicting your life’s outcomes. But no, it is really all the other way around. Your life is always just as it is.

You are only following blindly, or unawarely all of these laws in one way or another, until you become more consciously aware of their influence on you and upon your life.

Astrology just ever describes the workings of these laws in your life for now.

This means that if you go on following these laws, and being controlled by them, your future is always predictable, and so it can then be ascertained from observance of the laws, as they are working for you.

Astrology, and natural law

Astrology is in a way a codification of all of the Natural Laws.

Astrology predicts, but only from a greater understanding being obtained of the operation of these universal laws, and how they work in your life.

The only way to become unpredictable is to bypass these laws by living your life entirely from the highest law only, from the Law of Love.

This law simply states that all is working for love, and that love is behind all laws, or all experiences, and working for all life, at all times. When you work from a level of unconditional love, you are only then following this one great and higher law, which is simply to love.

Love follows its own way, and self, and it’s way will never be exactly predicted, by any lower laws, only ever just hinted at. This is because all laws, including Astrology, come under, and are contained, in this all-encompassing law of love.

As was mentioned above a comparative system of explanation is working, and in place on each, and every plane of existence. It is a cognition, and codifying of truth by the inhabitants of the particular plane on that level or spiritual plane.

For example, on the Astral plane, you have a similar system to Astrology, called Mythology. This system filters down to the physical planes, and this is an explanation for the continuing power of mythology on the Earth.

The enduring power of the various Mythological tales, folklore, and old Legends, is derived from the truth of this greater system of truth coming from the Astral planes.

All works from above down, but also from below up! Love connects all!

All is connected as is described in the great truth, “as above so below”.

This is part of a very old Greek saying. Here is the full quote:

"As above, so below. As within, so without."

This quote is attributed to the ancient Greek author, Hermes Trismegistus who purportedly wrote a series of sacred texts that form the basis of Hermeticism.

Whatever is operating in some part on the physical planes is always being linked always to similar systems on the other planes.

This is how truth is codified, and established, and studied.

Once truth is found on any plane it links to truth on all of the other planes, and so in this way the connecting thread of truth can always be traced back to love, that is to unconditional love. All truth only ever springs from the pool of love.

Astrology then is true enough as it goes, but it is not the whole truth, and it is not as fully influential as some people believe that it is.

Other influences also exist, but in the end Astrology is just describing the way that physical beings have divined, and ascertained truth to be over the years, or the way in which they have discovered that things work, and of how these natural laws operate on the physical planes of existence.

Astrology is linked to love in that it talks about the workings of natural laws, and which all come under the great law of love. This law simply states, that when we are loving, we are then following this law.

Love to be loved. Love your neighbour as yourself. All great masters have given this great law in one form or another. Love your neighbour as yourself, is another rendition of it, from the Christian bible.

Here are those two greatest of all commandments as given to us in the bible by Jesus Christ himself in Saint Matthew's gospel, chapter 22, verses 37 to 40.

"Jesus replied: 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.'"

Astrology in theory explained

Astrology talks about the way that the physical vibrationary influences of planets affect you.

This of course is not really on the physical planes so much either, but it is more also more about the subtle vibrations of each planet coming from the inner planes.

Each planet has a corresponding orbiting self-connected to it on every other plane.

For example, a physical planet is linked to an emotion because that planet also exists on the emotional, or astral planes.

It's all very complicated, but so simple when you have access to visiting, and being aware of all these other inner connections, and to all of the various planes of existence.

Never worry too much about any of this though because all of this added awareness will come to you in time, at the right time.

For now, just follow the great law, to love and to be loved, and all else will be eventually added to you. And it already has been.

Your awareness just has to filter down through the planes as well, and so catch up to the love that is already existing on each plane.

Soul is aware of all of this of course, but each other body contains a certain unawareness, and density that allows it to function on each particular plane, where it finds itself. In this way, all is always serving all.

Love will finally allow you to see all of this, as your soul becomes a greater, and greater influence on all of your lower bodies, until you are at last working entirely from your soul, and so then you are soul realized.

And so then you will have obtained the first real step towards God realisation.

Of course you are also already God realised in a way too, and the part of you that is God just has to come out of you more as it will with this first step of self-realisation.

Finally then, you will begin to see the God in you, and the you in God. And then, when you finally, and really see this all completely fully, you will indeed then be finally fully God realised.

Can astrology serve some people, and how is it helping them now?

Astrology serves by allowing people to be introduced in a way to karma.

Karma is really basically speaking astrology.

And so to divine anything is to see the karmic connections, taking place in it.

Love is never operating by karma, nor is it ever being controlled by anything else, and so love is also always acting outside of astrology’s influence.

Astrology allows you to align yourself with your present levels of karma by revealing it to you.

When you can see your own karmic connections, it is the first step to growing past this karma, by learning at last from it, and so establishing a reconnection to the perfect love that God has already placed within you.

Astrology is based on karma then, but the good readers usually are reading it from a level of love.

This allows you then to softly perceive your own links to life, karma, and your possible future as it will play out for you based on these astrological connections, that is if you stay as you are, and if you don’t move away from predictive karma by learning the love from it that all such experiences are only ever trying to bring you.

It’s really always, all always, always only ever about love.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
27th Jun 2014 (#)

much interest herein above so below but what above are we talking about....the Light is more powerful than anything of the lower realms and can change/re-order if it is for the highest good...

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
27th Jun 2014 (#)

many of the laws still on the books around the world are outdated and no longer apply they too need to be changed...

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author avatar spirited
27th Jun 2014 (#)

yes, laws change over time to match rising consciousness levels.

Above simply refers to the abode of our higher self or soul.

This Earth plane is not the only level of existence, I think there are more dimensions than this.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
3rd Jul 2014 (#)

Some say astrology is just looking up your birth date -- and in a crass way that is so... But given all the factors involved, why shouldn't astrology be taken as seriously as anything else?
FYI -- fun fact -- my friend was telling me about the Harry Potter kingdom in Orlando. She said at the wand house (Olivander's), your wand is chosen for you based on your birthday. I didn't ask whether that included the year, and I don't know if they've had a problem with twins not wanting the same wand, but she felt cheated that there wasn't something more to it. However, that is the price we pay for "realizing" our favorite works of fiction. ;)

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author avatar spirited
3rd Jul 2014 (#)

thanks Phyl,

it certainly has got a long history, anything that endures that long must carry some substance I feel.

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