At The Mall

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Sis and Benny take Blazer to the shopping mall on a warm summer day.

Going to the mall

Big bro was unwilling to just give his little sister a credit card. But, she said she needed to buy some new bikinis for the Summer. "Why?" he asked "you have dozens of bikinis in your closet that you never wear."

It's a girl thing," she said looking at her brother "you wouldn't understand." Big bro looked up and sighed "No I never will," he said handing her the credit card.

"I should've been born a girl," Big bro said. Sis smiled. "Yes, then I would have a big sister." Sis put the credit card in her purse.

Sis went outside in the warm sunshine. Benny was holding Blazer by the shorts. "No," he said " I don't want to go shopping with you two!" Benny pulled him back and held his chest.

Blazer kicked and screamed. "It'll be fun," Sis said keeping clear of Blazers legs "You get to carry all of our bags and watch us try on clothes." Sis took his arm "Lets go," she said

"But you said we were going to the beach today," Blazer said. "Would you have gone with us if we had told you we were going shopping?" Benny said squeezing his chest.

"But I hate shopping," Blazer gasped "and I hate the mall."

"It's full of giggling and whispering girls," he said "they are always looking at me and pointing."

"That's because your such a cutie," Benny said squeezing his furry little chest again. Blazer coughed.

At the Mall

The trio arrived at the mall and Blazer could see the teenage girls staring at him and giggling. Blazer was wearing his swim suit. "They're already laughing at me, "Blazer said.

"Who told you to come here in your shorts?" Sis asked "or without a shirt."

"You look cute without a shirt," Benny said. "so stop complaining and enjoy the attention."

"I feel like the only boy here," he said rubbing his chest.

"What's the big deal, Blazer?" Sis said "You never wear shirts anyway."

In The Mall

The first place the young rabbits went was the Bikini Shop. Blazer closed his eyes and waked into an undressed mannequin "Excuse me," he said. Benny and Sis laughed.

Sis picked the latest bikini from Paris and went into the dressing room. Benny found a cute purple bikini and sandals. Sis came out with the bikini on. "Well," she said with her hands on her hips "What do you think?" she asked her twin brother. He just stared at her. "I'll take it," Sis said.

Benny tried on the purple bikini in the dressing room. She came out and stood in front of Blazer who was standing outside." The boy fainted when he saw her. "Wrap it up," Benny said.

Blazer went into the game shop and bought a new video game. Benny and Sis went into Lacey's Department Store and bought some new shorts. Blazer went to the boy's department to buy some shorts, besides, he couldn't stand to watch the girls try clothes on again. Blazer finished paying for his clothes then went to the electronics department to watch TV.

The girls finished buying their clothes the three rabbits went to have lunch. Benny was trying to keep Blazer from noticing a brown bag she was carrying. Blazer carried everything else including his things to the food court in the middle of the mall. They had Chines food.

"What's in the brown bag?" Blazer asked. Benny pushed the bag under the table.

"It's a surprise for you," she said "I'll give it to you when we get home."

They made on last stop at the bank after lunch. Sis had some checks to deposit for Big bro. They arrived at home just in time for dinner. Benny smiled when she gave the brown bag to Blazer. "Here," she said blushing. Everyone gathered around when he looked into the bag "Oh no," he said "I'm not wearing that!"


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