Attack of the killer fleas!

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There are creatures, some very small, that are always out to parasite off of you and your loves ones, especially your loved ones who are also your pets. They want to drink your blood!!!! WHAAAAAAAA!!!

Attack of the killer fleas!

I've made it part of my Sunday to-do list to wash Majesty.

And so, some time this morning I tell Majesty to get into the bath tub.

Once the tub is just about full, I hold Majesty upside down in the tub with just his face sticking out of the water, so he can get wet properly all over.

Some fleas on him start to let go as some of them drown.

And then, some more let go.

And then some more.

Ok, that's kind of a lot now.

When I hold Majesty above water again so I can soap him up good, I see the fleas are running all over him, while some drowned fleas also cling to him.

Quite a lot of fleas I must say.

I soap him up and rinse him.

There are still a ton of fleas stuck to him.

I wash him again.

Still, he's covered in fleas.

I pull the plug so the water can drain out of the tub. Millions upon billions of fleas make this stream of what almost seems like course black sand streaming down the tub into the draining hole.

Good lord, that was a lot of fleas.

But, although lots of fleas have been rinsed down the drain, Majesty himself is STILL covered in fleas all over. Bloody hell!

I take the shower head and spray Majesty off.

Streams of fleas come off him, while some are so stubborn. They cling to him and it's almost impossible to rinse them off.

Still, for all the ones that manage to cling to Majesty, many more are being flushed down the drain all the time. When will the sworms of fleas that come off him stop??

I keep rinsing Majesty and fleas keep coming off of him and float down the tub and into the drain.

I decide to bath Majesty all over again to see if I can soap off and rinse off some more of the fleas that stick in his fur.

First, I use the shower head to rinse out all the fleas that are on the bottom of the bathtub.

Then, I plug up the drain and run another bath.

I wash Majesty all over again, fleas coming off of him all the time. These fleas are really a plague!

But I thought they drown if you soap up the host animal, but I soon realize the reason some simply won't come off, is because they are alive and quite well and cling with all their might.

When I try to pull them off with my fingers, they use the opportunity to actually crawl closer to his skin. One goes more and more into his ear when I try to get it off with my fingernails. It takes literally 10 minutes of severe effort to finally get it off of Majesty.

Another one simply cannot be removed from between Majesty's eyes. I try to pinch it and scratch it off and I use a pair of scissors to try and cut it in half and remove the hair from between Majesty's eyes so I can get to it, but it seems all my efforts are in vain. It probably takes 15 minutes to remove this bugger of a flea.

Finally I'm so tired and realize I must have been washing Majesty for probably 40 minutes or an hour or something, and I'm actually sweating and exhausted.

And yet, still there are tons of fleas in his fur and all over him.

But, I have obviously removed thousands if not millions already, so I decide to call it a day for now.

I soap up Majesty one last time and rinse him well under the water, and then I open the door and let him go dry himself off outside.

I can see in the bathwater that the fleas are like dark sand grains in the bottom of the tub.

Once the water has run out, there's again this dark river of fleas in the middle of the tub running towards the draining hole.

Geeeeeeeeeeeeez, I must say I don't know how that animal could live with all those fleas on it.

Once Majesty is dry, I rub it full of flea powder. However, from experience, I know that flea powder doesn't work.

And yep, later on I see Majesty scratching like crazy again. He's obviously again covered in fleas.

And this comes after I had put on those Spot-On treatments where you apply this little bit of fluid to the base of his neck that the skin absorbs and then it keeps fleas from infesting the animal.

Those things don't work either. It seems nothing works. My poor animal is completely infested with fleas and all I can do is feel sorry for him and wash him regularly, but there's probably never a moment when there aren't a bunch of fleas crawling all over him.

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