August and the Foxglove

Terry Trainor By Terry Trainor, 2nd Oct 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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August is seen as a man watching his world garden grow into a beautiful scene. At the end August blows a kiss to the foxglove.

August and the Foxglove

August is mature with shining brown hair the color of a ripe cornfield
Greying at the temples and his fringe he has clear eyes of deepest blue,
Deep smiling lines of crow’s feet on the sides of his rugged brown face,
He looks all around a strong tall a man one who was born to be a leader.

His serene presence of wisdom and age make him delightful company,
He smiles broadly when crops and orchards are ripe ready for his birds,
Feels the soil with callused hands as clouds wisp across a turquoise sky,
Walks through forests, woods and copses he breaths in air fit for a king.

He watches the cattle on the rich grass a gentle lowing from the beasts,
Staring at rich green grasses that have grown boldly on heath and field,
Rinsing rough hands in a cool spring flowing through the healthy trees,
Leaf mold has an earthy smell a good contrast to the woodland flowers.

On the moors and rich dusty commons heather covers a dry hard ground,
Scabiuses compete with blue chicory, hawk weeds and rich honeysuckle,
Perfume from his August splendor drift far away in warm gentle breezes,
Blue campanula is cascading down banks of thickets this the day of days.

Nuts hang in tall hedges by ancient woodlands green and sweet to taste,
Growing along old woodland lanes old path’s picked for Christmas Day,
He salutes the fading dog stars of the thousand year old thick hedgerows,
Walks towards a foxglove and kneels down, winks and blows her a kiss


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author avatar Terry Trainor
I am a Poet.
My passion is to write about nature and the history of nature.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
2nd Oct 2012 (#)

Foxgloves are lovely flowers we do not have any in our yard, great poem.

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author avatar Terry Trainor
3rd Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you Mark.

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author avatar Terry Trainor
3rd Oct 2012 (#)

I have just joined this community and have been welcomed by beautiful people with lovely words. Thank you

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
21st Dec 2012 (#)

Now your pen is talking so beautifully. Lovely words .

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author avatar Terry Trainor
21st Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you Stella

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