Autumn Dance

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I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.


I am not a person who enjoys extreme weather. I live in Montreal where we enjoy four seasons, or at least some of us do. However, I am not one of them. I do not like cold winter or the hot sweltering summer heat. I dislike that sticky clammy feeling descending upon me like a wet heavy blanket when the humidity attacks with full-force.
I am tired, I feel heavy, I feel depleted; I am thirsty. I never feel comfortable. I walk from the air conditioning building that houses my workplace; an ice palace of sorts, to the sweltering heat of the city outdoors.
The shock to my system is dramatic. I feel like I am stepping into a blazing inferno, a little taste of hell. How could nature be so wonderful and yet so cruel?

Dance of the Autumn leaves

The summer drags on as I thirst for my favourite season. I yearn for autumn; its cool refreshing breezes invigorate my soul.

I am completely filled when I taste the flavours of the season. I delight in the dance of the autumn leaves swirling in the wind, rising from the ground in a mini tornado of vibrant colour: red, orange, yellow, green. It is the dance of the sugar plum fairies spreading their mystical delight.

Honey bees

I laugh as I watch the performance of the leaves. I see the dance of nature's lovers chasing one another until they are caught; if they are caught. It reminds me of the mating dance of honey bees. I can hear their buzzing, their sound of love, as I watch in delight. I never tire of the performance in front of me.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a squirrel scamper up the tree to his nesting place. He knows the dance of the autumn leaves foretell how winter will soon be upon us.
The world continues around me; just another day like any other, but for me the world does not stand still. I am mesmerized by the dance of the leaves. I watch in the background like a mother watching her young children play. I am reminded that Mother Nature and Father Time are in the background of this little scenario. They too are watching their offspring play for the last time. Soon the dead of winter will bring on their deep restful sleep.

I feel the love that surrounds me. I taste the sweet surrender of the season as it bows out gracefully, yet mischievously, as my children, my leaves, set the mood for the new snowy world to come. I stand in the background. I am the mournful parent watching her children grow and move on to lives of their own.

I will miss my children; the leaves. I will miss their frolicking in the invigorating, robust autumn breeze. I can already taste my salty bitter sweet tears.

And then it happens. I am hit with a beautiful red leaf, swirling upward on the wings of the wind, it gently slaps my face as it ascends to the top of my head; its final resting place.

I don't shake off my little leaf, I wear it with pride. For it is nature's way of saying I am one of her own. I am her child. I am part of the little dance of the leaves. I am part of the melody of nature, the song of the seasons.

And when I taste her charms I am refreshed. I am filled with wonder. My thirst for the beauty of autumn is quenched and I am completely satisfied. I shall thirst no more.

All photos taken from the public domain

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author avatar Retired
23rd May 2015 (#)

Great share.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
23rd May 2015 (#)

As she sits on flowers for honey flow,
I gather my love and melt the snow.
Causing the pain that trickles the eye,
Showing the waterfall of endless cry.

Watering all life as Riot of Spring,
As the world Unites to gently sing.
With critters now playing instruments of Love,
Shedding their leaves for the One Above.

Showing that Spring Time grows new leaf,
As they hack and kill laughing at grief.
Only to find out fruit of summery love,
Is now uniting with the Great One Above,

Together with passion pulling back the Sun,
Leaving Darkness of weather nowhere to run.
As they all collapse in heaviness of Snow,
I shine forth steadily with eternal Glow.

Pulling back every energy as the Sun does Shine,
Creator and Creation singing it the Girl is Mine.
Making all now finally see blood leaves on floor,
Showing the Blanket blowing up once more.

As leaves blow away the truth is now seen,
Animals and plants now sleep deep within.
For Winter took fat and left coldness to see,
With Autumn shedding leaves on bended knee.

Feeling the passion that riots the soul,
Leaving the Sun broken hard to console.
As all now weep and see the truth in those lies,
For this is the opposite love that caused cries.

All standing naked with pictures again,
In hope for selection driving world insane.
Then only to find out the Sun in glow stood,
Destroying every other around feeding brood.

For in this reality Sun stands up in Gold,
Rewriting every darkness from new to old.
Taking over every season and element as One,
For all is the life of the Golden Sun.

Who is the Lady who now shines again,
Leaving all the fakeness pouring insane.
With Baseless Moon trying to rise all inside,
In hope for that power of love to now confide.

Only to find out it clothes of life shed,
Telling all creation its for life and daily bread.
Then finding out none could ever play the Sun,
Who burnt all with true colours second to none.

Now all stand shivering in wintry cold,
As they see the truth of the stripper being bold.
Leaves on the flow and laughing at the Sun,
We have shed many leaves and you just One.

Only to find out leaves now in fire burned,
Leaving all naked in life and growing concerned.
With circle of life complete day and night has begun,
Planet Earth is now crying for Seasons of Sun.

Only to find out it is there with the Wife,
Who stood up again singing You Are My Life.
Making all tremble and shake seeing its true,
The Sun came with rainbows none ever knew.

Pulling in the deepness as Autumn leaves fell,
Sending them down to fiery embers of hell.
For truth of Planet Earth and colours of Blue,
Is part of the broken heart none ever knew.

That split by upbringing where all in life played,
Family was such too despite old and greyed.
Making that one journey the most painful within,
As they all cried for mercy showing wage of SIN.

Death to all saw truth of Wintry cold of ice,
As they waded through puddle and fields of rice.
Being sucked by leeches who fed on blood,
That needed salt water to be buried in mud.

Still ripe and bloodied only to be crushed,
Showing the truth of soil all wet and mushed.
With Sun pulling all of life and Moon now in fall,
As Sun took back entire heat in final curtain call.

Now all see the passion now raging the Sun,
Who burns all into cinders as second to none.
Seeing autumn leaves collected sown into dress,
With Fruits of Creation sparkling each tress.

With Feet now covered with coldness of Ice,
Showing the Glass slippers now adding spice.
Showing no other can touch Lady of that One,
For that is the Riot of life second to none.

With all bowing out in blue hurting all Life,
Trying hard to take over to be that Wife.
While the real wife just waits on knowing the way,
With Planet Earth so blue with nothing to say.

Showing the tears that pours deep from eyes,
As all now prove the truth buried in lies.
Proving no other ever wins love of the Sun,
Who knows the truth of Creation since world begun.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
23rd May 2015 (#)

With all now silently letting go of sword,
As they see the truth now proving word.
For I just pulled the dream as Eternal Flower,
No More Darkness in shine becoming Star.

Pulling all to see the truth that pulls the Life,
As the Sun finally shines on as the Real Wife.
Breaking identity that was stealing the heart,
By Rising from Hell into a Brand New Start.

Coming back to see the fact in bloodied Moon,
As they see Sun standing making all swoon.
With glow of life that is pure with Love,
As they see the Seasons change Above.

Who swoops and breaks all into tears,
As they feel the pain confirming fears.
As I pull the leaves and prove it all on Earth,
Stilling every sunshine to cold laughter and mirth.

Making all now cry out publicly again,
As I walk out on my own beginning reign.
With just One walking Hand in Hand.
Planet Earth so Blue from distant land.

As all now shed the Autumn Leaves,
Sending truth in flowers to all in bereaves.
As they finally see the truth standing face to face,
They see the Sun with energy now hard to trace.

Where all now weep seeing Seasons of Sun,
Leaving Darkness nowhere to run.
Breaking all into stillness that finally proves White,
None can ever thwart the Queen of Greater Height.

Sending all back down into hell fire again,
As they fall back into pain in memory lane.
Never to return as they prove their truth,
They are to everyone in life the Forbidden Fruit.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 24th May 2015

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