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These are stories about animal and birds to teach us a lesson

Vultures and Ostrich

This is the account of the days when this earth was governed by the birds. They were the master of flora and fauna of the earth. They were living a happy and comfortable life under their king the Ostrich.

The ostrich was not only the strongest bird but also the most compassionate king. He was a merciful ruler, prefect administrator and wise controller of the affairs of the state. Because he was a righteous and resourceful king, so all the birds respected and obeyed him .He was in the very good books of the birds. His triumph as a ruler was due to his alacrity in feeling and solving the tribulations of his public. He kept himself abreast of all the ups and downs of the state. It was his routine to clandestinely visit the different regions of his realm. For that purpose he concluded his tour of the world within a week.

No bird had any feeling of resentment against him. Love and respect for all were the rules of the day. His dominion was the real embodiment of a welfare state.

Once he was on the customary trip of that kind when he saw a weird and wonderful creature .He observed that the animal was not only running but also flying. He was very much fascinated by that. He designated that as fly-running. He observed that eagerly all the day. He was so enchanted by the skill that he intended to become skilled at that.

When the night fell, he went to the animal’s den. He introduced himself and told him about the fondness of the art of fly-running. The kangaroo entertained him well and informed him about the hazards of that art. The first and foremost condition of learning the skill was to eat green leaves and blades of grass. The ostrich was so spellbound by that skill that he immediately yielded to all the conditions. The kangaroo again cautioned him about the dangers involved in the art, but the ostrich did not listen to his admonition. He was adamant to learn the art of fly-running.

The kangaroo agreed and fetched him the green grass and fresh leaves of the trees. Firstly the ostrich felt difficulty in engulfing the grass but latter he became accustomed to that. He ate grass and leaves according to the condition of the kangaroo and felt some strange changes in himself.
He felt that all his thoughts were changing. His feelings were going astray and he felt an urge to run. He requested the kangaroo to teach him the art of fly-running at once. The kangaroo told him that the changes are not enough .The effect of eating grass would appear after 12 hours, so he was to wait for the next morning.

The ostrich spent that night impatiently. He could not sleep all the night. At dawn the kangaroo came and told him that as soon as he would take the first leap his flying wings would fall. It was the last chance for him to control his passions and give up his wish. The ostrich did not pay any heed to his advice and insisted on to teach him the art.

The kangaroo took him to the vast field and taught him the giant leaps. The ostrich made his first leap and his wings dropped. He did not bother and continued learning. All the day he continued learning the art. He was satisfied on his new art. The next night he spent with the kangaroo and discussed the various aspects of the art. In the morning he left for his capital.

He started his journey by running like kangaroo. Soon he felt that he would not reach his capital with fly-running. He tried to flap his wings but could not because he had foregone his art of flying for the kangaroo’s art of fly-running. He was very disturbed but nothing could be done.

On the other hand the vultures had claimed the right of throne and had occupied that by force. They imposed their will on the birds.

The birds could not save the throne in spite of the knowledge that ostrich was its real owner. They were forced to align with the vultures. So the country of the ostrich had gone to vultures. They started gnawing at every piece of flesh. They intentionally started killing the birds to drink their blood and eat their flesh.

Ostrich reached his capital after a lot of struggle .He was regretting the error made by him, but the regrets were of no avail. He was even more disturbed on knowing the situation in his capital. He went to the higher court of the owl. The owl called all the parties to listen their arguments. Owl adjourned the court till the next day for announcing the decision.

The vultures borrowed the services of the crow to make a deal with the owl. The crow was bribed in the way that he was promised to be appointed as the minister. The crow succeeded in luring the owl by praising him and offering him fresh sparrows.
The next day was the decision day. All the birds were in the court of the owl to listen the historical decision. The owl declared that the throne did not belong to any bird community. It might belong to those who were able to fly high. The innocent birds were all praises for the owl on his wise decision. They did not know that it was a premeditated one.

The day was fixed for the competition. Ostrich knew that his domain was to go in the hands of vultures. He could do nothing. He knew that vulture were to tear the bird community into pieces. He prayed to god for the help. At once he thought of eagle and that satisfied him. He went to the eagle for taking part in the contest. The eagle did not agree first but after knowing the intentions of vultures he yielded.
The contenders came on the spot for becoming the king. Ostrich, crows, hawks and eagles were the contenders along with the vultures. Vultures flew very high and were to grab the throne when the eagle crossed them at once. In that way the eagles became the new rulers of the bird. The vultures were ostracized and every community was given certain responsibilities.

The ostrich was much ashamed and could not stay in the capital. He went to the desert and started living with the kangaroo.

He started hiding his head into the sand on seeing any bird coming towards him due to shame.


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