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A poem created over 20 years ago that inspired the novel "Awakening" by Porle Joen.


I awoke,
I was alone.
My limbs were stiff,
My body was cold
and yet my veins
were warm; warm
and pulsating
with fresh blood.

My lips were dry,
my hunger great.
My day had come.

How long had I been here,
suspended between life and death?
Which side had I reached?
I could feel the life
inside me;
I was alive,
I was real.
Yet I felt removed, empty,
like an empty shell,
a dead form.
Which was I?

My mind was not my own,
I could not think,
I could not remember.
My mind was a sieve,
straining between
the mess of madness,
searching for an explanation,
a reason, but only detaining
a feeling of loss
and remorse.
For something I had
control over and
regret for my decision,
yet I felt somehow

But for what reason,
what decision,
I did not know.

I know now.
I have none.

Copyright Porle Joen 2012
From "Awakening" - a horror fantasy novel by Porle Joen available on Amazon
and "Love, Life and Evisceration" by Porle Joen available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle

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author avatar Songbird B
11th Jun 2013 (#)

Wow! What a gripping poem and a great opener for a novel..Really enjoyed reading this..\0/x

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author avatar whatistheworld
25th Nov 2014 (#)

Can see that this is a professional writer.

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