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Waking up out of a coma to see a new and different world than the one I was in before, envisioning the resurrection when the righteous saints shall awake out of sleep and be gathered to Christ in the rapture

The Awakening

Before we depart, leaving our imprinted portrait
Potential to rule the ethos stronger than Arms,
Gifts buried insight; unique fuel form years of thought,
Brushes by the endless source of pearlescent lives.

Liquify existence, I found the door cold and tropical,
In subdued fission, the end close with absolution.
Peace release death to penetrate my oppressed soul
But from my prism burst a gust of regeneration.

While I sleep, history will study me religiously
And the spirit within thawing with passionate heat,
flames from ecliptic reincarnation finds me as a trophy,
defeating the shuffling earthquake beneath my feet.

The aftershock of tectonic retreat kept me awake,
As sorrow and grief quickly into another way depart,
Gargling breathe be the shortest sure sign of relief,
By inspiring daring dreams that are close to my heart.

We implore talented stars shining in earthen vessels,
Spreading crystal halogen wings upon the jewel clouds,
Through sultry teardrops, humanity find many duels,
Reflections gleaming upon oceans of weeping floods.

There was much warmth unraveling the irie traces
When I awake and taken out of my punishment,
Through rapture armory dust meet paradise graces,
Friends emerge from silence to the edifice of content.

Awake hermit crab, step out of darkness into the light
Let anxiety disappear into the realm of sunshine,
Unfolding flames recalled dreams fast fading sight,
Wild nautical waves wash away the promise of time.

The conquest of reverberation, in secret place, make
My deliverance, impatience pausing, knowing the love
Flaming me, awaken the opportunity I needed to take,
A moment of endearing the gratitude that happiness gave.

From sunrise to sunset, awake the consequences of our lives
Staring at half finish chores dreamily through a veil shadow.
Images roam backward, awakening soft young memories,
With unsure senses crying for a future we don’t know.

I did not die when I wave hesitantly at the world goodbye,
My soul in dismay escape into adventure of a darker maze,
Where resurrection unveiled the consciousness, we deny
The Fragments of an apocalypse that are impossible to erase.

Stayed awake, by keeping hope over death and the grave,
The halogen Spirit over earth that heaven enlightens
Righteous deeds with spectacular colors of faith and love,
Between all people of nationalities in different regions.

Stay awake when all other saintly stars have gone to sleep,
Leaving fire ash images on memory words burned blurred.
Destiny calls with the perfect dream that you need,
When you cannot read a message on Pinterest board.

The universe has shaped you to awaken communities
Living Consciousness is a multidimensional being,
Awakening aspirations that spiritual path touches,
With all the powers already, ours, in this realm assign.


Absolution, Awake, Death, Dreams, Hope, Life Changing, Redemption, Reincarnation, Sleeping

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author avatar Gerry Legister
I am from the UK, and I love creative writing. And I write on many different subjects, including War peace, love, happiness.

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