Baby Lies Exposed: JJ's World Falls Apart (DOOL Fanfiction)

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JJ Devereaux is looking forward to being a father after he tragically shot Theo Carver and almost committed suicide. But then someone exposes Lani’s baby lies, as JJ’s world spins out of control.


JJ is looking forward to being a father after he tragically shot Theo and almost committed suicide.

But then someone exposes Lani’s baby lies, as JJ’s world spins out of control.

Elsewhere, Abigail’s alters create havoc in Salem for Gabi and Eli and other Salemites.


Jack Devereaux, Jr “JJ” – Casey Moss

Lani Price – Sal Stowers

Eli Grant – Lamon Archey

Gabi Hernandez – Camila Banus

Abigail Devereaux-DiMera – Marci Miller

Abigail as Gabby – Marci Miller

Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn

Stefan O. DiMera – Tyler Christopher

Vivian Alamain – Louise Sorel

Chapter 1

JJ was looking forward to becoming a father now that Lani was pregnant. It was the first best thing since he accidentally shot Theo Carver, the mayor, Abe’s, son and Lani’s brother. JJ felt bad—so bad, in fact, he attempted to take his own life and probably had if it had not been for Gabi Hernandez.

JJ’s thoughts were interrupted when he got a text from Gabi, “JJ, we need to talk. Meet me in Horton Square.”

“On my way.” JJ text back, as he slid his cell into his pocket and left his studio.

Gabi was waiting in Horton Square when she spied Stefan and Kate in a clandestine meeting. Opening up her purse, she put on earbuds and listened in on Stefan and Kate’s meeting:

“I have a proposition for you, Kate.”

“And why would I accept any kind of deal from you?!”

“Because I can ruin you, Kate!” Stefan said as he showed her the flash drive containing damaging information.” “See this! It has what I need to make sure you pay!”

“Am I supposed to be threatened by some flash drive?!”

“Well, you don’t have to…you can work with me?”

“Work with you? On what?”

“On getting Chad out of Titan as CEO?”

“You took his company! Why should I help you take this job from Chad?”

“C’mon, Kate, we both know you wanted the Titan CEO position for your gain?”

“I’m happy where I am?” Kate lied.

“Yeah, and if I bought that, I’d sell you the Golden Gate Bridge.”

“I don’t care if you buy it!”

“The point is Kate, I’m onto you and you’re only option is to work with me or lose your freedom!”

“Okay. What do you want me to do?” Kate said in a whisper so no one could hear her make a deal with Stefan DiMera, unbeknownst that Gabi was listening in from across the courtyard.

“I will give the details later. Just be waiting.”

And with that, Stefan walked off leaving Kate flabbergasted by his arrogance.

By now, JJ had met Gabi per her request.

“Gabi, what did you want?”

“I wanted to let you know that I know Lani is lying to you about the baby.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Lani and Eli slept together on Christmas Eve…the same night I spent the night in your studio when you attempted to commit suicide.”

“Lani claims she’s six weeks pregnant?”

“No, I learned from a trusted source that she’s only 2 weeks pregnant.”

“So, Eli’s the father? She lied to me?”

“I’m sorry, JJ.”

“I gotta go.”

JJ walked off alone to think about Gabi’s revelation. He couldn’t believe he fell for Lani’s lies all over again.


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