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This is the story based on the actual events happened with me.

Baby bird story


That day as I dropped my son to his work. I came back home and started watering my newly planted young plants. When I was watering the plants I found that one bird was making irritatingly loud noises somewhere around. I tried to locate him. But I could not. It happened lot of time as I stopped watering and tried to locate him he used to keep quiet is spring so birds were chirping everywhere which was making it more difficult to locate where exactly that noise was coming from. It happened many times so finally I thought he is playing with me by hiding in the bush in front of our home. So I sprinkled some water on that bush and don't know from where but one little baby bird failed off that bush. It was not a big tree, it was just a densely green bush, I never expected any bird nest into it.

The bird was very tiny. He could not fly, was able to walk only and now he was walking very fast on my neighbor's driveway. By the time I turned off the water and turn around to see that baby bird, he was disappeared. I looked everywhere but could not find him.

Since yesterday only I started taking walk outside. So when I could not find that bird I just decided to take a walk. I went outside but my new shoes were started troubling me. So I came back without doing single pace. When I was crossing the road I spotted that little baby bird down the big trash can of my other side of neighbour. I saw him but was not sure what it was so I went close to take a good look. It was him. He was dark brown with some khaki streaks. His peck was very thin and yellow.
I thought after a little walking he must have got tired and must be resting a while in the shed of whatever he found first. He was shivering I don't know whether it was due to cold or exertion of walking from my one side of neighbor to another side.

I did not know what to do next. I never handled any kind of bird before except once when I was just eight years old. It is a different story which I will share with you sometime later. Finally I gathered some courage and touched him, he shivered. Again I touched him with the intention of taking hold of that baby this time, but as soon as I tried to grab him he just flipped his tiny wings in the attempt to escape so I got scared and had to leave him. My inexperienced handling could have harm his wings. I was in the dilemma situation where neither I could leave him where he was nor I could grab him to move to the same bush from where he first came out.

Finally somehow I made up my mind and lightly grabbed him. He was trying to escape which was making it more difficult for me to keep hold on to him. He was so soft and his feathers were silky-slippery. I was feeling his heartbeats and was feeling his tiny thinner than matchsticks rib cage in my fingers.

Now I realized that before picking him I first I had to find out some safe and cozy place for him to put in. I grabbed him without thinking of it. I just wanted to place him somewhere safe and now I did not know what that safe place could be. So in a rush to release him from my fingers I placed him on the top of the same bush where I found him first. I thought if I can put him on that bush he could find his nest by hopping on its branches.

But as soon as I placed him on that bush he came down really quick without getting hurt on the ground. Now I was panic. I tried to find his nest by ruffling that bush when I realised that though it was leafy and dense, it's branches were pointy as it was freshly cut and shaped. I thanked got from bringing down that baby unharmed to me.

Now as he was safe on the ground I wanted to give him water and some food but was not sure how to. So I went inside my home and brought lid of some container to put some water into it for him to seep as container would be too deep to his height.

Then I went in home again to read how to save baby bird failed from his nest. Websites were saying that we should not give him water or food. Only there parents can feed them. This baby's peck was so delicate, was thinner than kite paper. If I used force to open to feed him, it could have got harmed. And websites were not telling me also what to feed. I went out to throw the water I kept for him to drink but when I came out, he was not there on the ground under the bush where I kept him. So I got panicked. Now I was not even able to walk on the lawn to search him, because in doing so I could have easily crushed him if not minutely looked underneath before taking my steps.

Now I was so determined, no matter what I had to save him. But I had to find him first to take care of him. Now I was on the mission. First I started looking for him underneath my neighbor's tree, under his car, my car. On sidewalks. I was searching everywhere while watching my every step. Finding him was a task. Then I crossed the road and started searching from parking lot across the road. Then I searched him underneath the line of Christmas trees before the white fence across the road.

When I was searching for him under those Christmas trees one by one, I realised that two other big birds were following me and making very harsh noises may be to scare me. They were virring so closely on my head and chirping loudly from one Christmas tree to other as I was moving. They were following me one after another tree. Now under one Christmas tree I spotted that little baby bird again. As I spotted him I could not leave him there as our community members walk their dogs here on the walkway plus the lawn movers they drive their lawn movers around to trim the grass. I wanted to save him from all the dangers.

As soon as I spotted him now I touched him to see his reaction, he just walked away around the tree. So I tried to grab him lightly from behind but I got scared as he tried to rescue himself by flickering his wings. Again I had to leave him. He was sharp enough to understand the foreign unfamiliar touch means danger. After making three four rounds I finally got successful in catching him. Now I grabbed him and placed him in my rectangle empty plants pot. It had a tall walls around to give me some peace that he cannot escape from there until I read what to do next. Now he was scared, shivering and was panicked not knowing what coming next. He sat there bringing himself together with closed eyes.

As written on the web site I brought some newspaper and paper towels to place him on it. I torned them and spread into the planting pot and kept that baby bird on to it. Now I went to call my neighbor to see if he can suggest something. I asked him if he can take him to the pet's Mart as it was too late and I had no time to fix something to eat for my son whom I was expecting from school within a next hour. He agreed. He asked me if I have some empty shoebox with lid. I brought it quickly. He just lightly picked the baby by the papers on which I put him and put into shoe box along with those papers. Baby bird's mom was following me to see what I do the next. She must be worried about her baby's safety.

Now again I changed my mind and asked my neighbor to drop the plan as I thought I will take him to pets Mart with my son as soon as he comes from school as I wanted him to have an experience of saving bird.

So I took back that shoebox from my neighbor in which that baby bird was and put underneath the his big tree where his mom was chirping. But I was worried about the sun now. It was too harsh as it was afternoon. Baby was not fed for more than two hours now ever since I found him first time. So I put an halfway lead on the shoebox by leaving it half open for his mom to see him and feed him something. As per website's little baby birds needs to be fed by their parents every two hours. I was restless now. I was going back and forth and in and out of home to see if he was safe and fed. But in doing so, now I think that I was unknowingly scaring his mom from coming close to him or she did not spot him at all due to shoeboxes halfway lead. Either of this I am not sure now about. But she did not feed him.

When next time I went to see that bird he was missing from that shoe box too. His mom was doing rounds and was chirping in the attempt of spotting him. Her noise was so harsh, loud and distinct. When I kept him in shoebox I was relaxed that he will remain in it. so I went walking on my lawn without caring much for him. But now he was missing from there too. So while I was coming back from not finding him into shoe box I was walking home carefully again. Now I spotted him hiding in the green lawn very close to my walkway. He was in the grass sitting very calmly. I picked him up. he was not moving much by now but was still alive. I was not sure if I stepped on him while going to see him into the shoebox or he was hungry and desperately need food. I picked him up and put him under the same bush again in the shoe box.

Now he had to be fed and comforted by his mom desperately. I was panicked and frustrated was not knowing what to do. She was around flying from one place to another and chirping loudly. So I kept that shoebox up in my hand and went towards the same tree on which his mom was chirping and tried to show her, her baby by moving the shoebox the way her head was moving. She was flying and sitting from branches to the roof tops, to the decorative monument of my neighbors garden and to dish antenna. I tried to change the location of shoebox at least ten times for his mom to spot her baby. But his mom could not spot him. She kept looking and chirping and may be wanted her baby to respond the way he was responding her from that bush which I interpreted as a bird playing with me when I watered that bush first time. Those noises were the communication between that mom and her son. But her baby was quiet now.

His mom kept making those loud noises as she was flying from one thing to another but her son could not respond her by making same noise which he was making may be for her to spot him.

I kept changing that shoebox location and tried to make same kind of noises as she did to attract her attention towards her baby but at no avail. Finally I put that shoebox in my hand pointing to sky, as I was praying God to make them meet each other. But his mom could not figured out that her baby was in that Shoebox I was holding up in my raised hands. Now he was fighting to take his last breath as I could feel his struggle to breath. I was repenting for bringing him and handling him from that Christmas tree across the road.

Some time gone and I realised that he was not moving at all now. He was lifeless. I tried to move the shoebox, to revive him but he rolled upside down in that attempt. He was dead. I just put him underneath the same bush where I spotted him first.

Now tired and defeated I came home and sat on our kitchen windows sit and kept looking at that baby birds mom from our kitchen window.
She was moving and hopping from one place to another. Some time passed. Now I saw her getting down on the ground and making rounds around the bush and flying away. She must have spotted her dead son, may have attempted to revive him but when realised that he passed away she flied away in grief. I was restless and sad too. I was sad because he died without food and was feeling very guilty and responsible for everything.

Again his mom came down made rounds on the ground around the bush. I kept hearing her noises, it was not pleasant. She kept chirping but her voice was different now. She was mourning for her loss. By now she knew her baby is dead but could not let go of him. I was kept watching her helpless attempt of not able to do anything further for him. We human at least pay some respect by doing some rituals after death, give burial or perform some last rites but…..I felt her helplessness. it was heart wrenching.

I sat on the window sit looking at mourning mom, was still feeling her baby’s touch in my fingers and waiting for my son to come home from school.



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