Baking or buying

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An article looking at the difference between baking your own and buying from the shop

Baking or Buying

I don’t understand how people can spend hours baking a cake, or a pudding for afters, see what you think of these two alternatives,
Firstly set out to the shops with your shopping list you have just spent half an hour in the making, Find your nearest supermarket, or where ever you like to do your shopping, spend half an hour searching for all the ingredients on your list, then getting to the back of a queue, waiting for the people in front of you, with everyone of them having there own ways of slowing down the process of a simple transaction, things like there card being rejected, or the till girl asking for assistance when items have not been priced properly, or replacing things that have been damaged which the customer did not notice when they picked it from the shelf,
you all know what it’s like when you are in a rush to get out of the shop, Finally you have all the ingredients and make your way home, another half hour before you get there, then time for a coffee and a rest from your ordeal of the morning so far,
Right you have had your coffee and a rest, its time to search out all your baking trays, mixing bowls and other various utensils, you are now ready to start, you mix, you stir, you roll and place your creation in the oven or fridge for the amount of time necessary, wait for time to pass with another coffee or a bit of house work, or whatever takes your fancy,
Beep, beep, beep is the sound of the oven or your timer, and your pudding is ready to serve,
alternatively go to the corner bakery buy a cake and enjoy, I know which one I’m going to do,
By the way I forgot something in making your own cakes etc “who’s doing the washing up ?”
My apologies to everyone out their who love baking, I will sit and eat your cakes from sunrise to sunset in favour of the ready made cakes any time, so please don’t take any offence from this article.


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author avatar Val Mills
17th Feb 2011 (#)

Good one. I am not a baker of cakes, nor cookies, nor do I make delicious puddings. I stopped baking in favour of bought products when my family started eating my creations faster than I could make them. Homemade does taste better though.

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author avatar Martin King
17th Feb 2011 (#)

Thank's Val your words are appreciated

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author avatar Retired
21st Feb 2011 (#)

No offense taken...some people just don't like to bake. I only like to bake when I'm in the mood. Good info.

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author avatar Martin King
22nd Feb 2011 (#)

The article is only a bit of fun, thanks for your comment

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author avatar Greenfaol
8th Mar 2011 (#)

Lol, i can see both sides. there is something quite therapeutic in baking, and the smell in the house is divine! But I am also impatient and like it as soon as i crave it :D

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author avatar Martin King
14th Mar 2011 (#)

I love the smell and the taste myself but wrote this as a bit of fun thanks for the comment

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author avatar Trillionaire
21st Jul 2013 (#)


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