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As a writer and poet, I have respect for virtually anyone who has respect for the arts. Yet don't let the 'lame' fool the reader, it is more than just a lame idea. I decided to make a poem off of something that isn't really noticed much to the common eye. This poem had a different purpose at one point of time. But I decided to remake it and give it another taste. I decided to give a story within the poem and this is the aftermath of that idea. I'll leave it to the reader. Comments are open.



The pianist
Plays a

She’s quite
A Dancer
As she spins
On her toes.

And she spun
Like a tornado.

A tornado
Of Fury
And Love.

But not of
So that
Can stare
But a mere
For art.

And for the
Of the body
And mind.

She slowly
Casts her hand out
As she holds
To the banister.

She knows
That she has this

With her
Black hair
Tied in a bun
And a pink torso
With black leggings
And black sleeves.
With mirrors
That surround her.

She moves
On the floor
As if
She is gliding.

It is around
Seven o’clock
And many people
Just walk by
Not noticing
Her art.

She says nothing
Yet she says

Her moves
Explain of

About how she
Her lover
To come back
As she crouched
To a heap
On the floor.

She wanted
To feel
One last time
But it was
Too late
For it.

And so
Through her movements
She told
That she
Would wait.

Wait to grow old
And wait to die
So that she could
Be whole again.

As she stretches
Her arms
As if just waking up
And closing her eyes
As if imagining
That she was flying.

She is dancing
Of becoming
An angel.

With Beautiful Wings
So that she could
Rise up
And be whole
With her
Once more.

But she knows
That this isn’t going
To happen soon.

And so
She slowly moves
To a heap
On the floor
With her fingers and hands
Resting in front of her
As she tucked her legs in
And bowed her head down.

The lights dim
Focusing on her.

The music ceases
On restful notes.

She is all
That is left
In a world
Of Shadows
And black.


Artistic Expression, Ballet, Beauty, Dancing, Expression, Imagery, Metaphors, Peace, Poetry, Silence

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author avatar Songbird B
5th Nov 2011 (#)

Perfectly captured..Beautifully written... Loved this, Rob...

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