Banning a mother from caring about her children

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There are actually idiots who think it is within their authority to ban a mother from having a mother's love instinct towards her children, and what's worse, they'll impose sanctions against the mother in question if she doesn't abandon any and all feelings of taking care of her children.

Banning a mother from caring about her children

I walk for an hour or more every morning, starting at 6am before the sun starts shining too hotly.

Today after my walk, I take my shower and then I'm screamingly hungry. Unfortunately there's no chance that we will all be having breakfast soon, because they've made other plans: We will be having a late brunch on the beach down by the river, and we will also be having cake to celebrate Harrison's daughter Angie's birthday.

Harrison's wife Mary baked her a cake yesterday afternoon. Well, I use the term "cake" as a courtesy, for that thing looks like huge big rocks glued together with stickyness and icing sugar or something. I'm not sure what look they were going for, but perhaps they went for brontosaurus roadkill hamburger between two huge rocks pretending to look like the moon after some heavy erosion. Actually as you might have noticed, I have no words to describe this huge thing that will serve as a cake, don't you know.

Anyway, hungry and tired I wait for the time we will depart. When the time finally does come some hours later, I'm so tired and I really don't feel like going that very second. I want to rest some more.

And honestly, after yesterday's emotional uncomfort during breakfast at Spur, I'm afraid I'm more convinced than ever that I probably should not have come to these family vacation meat grinders.

So when Mother asks me if I'm coming, I say I might come a little later.

An hour or two later, I get up and decide to eat something to keep up my strength. As soon as I come out of my chambers and into the communal area, the peace and quiet is the first thing that really strikes me.

It's sooooooo, soooooo, sooooo nice to just have some peace and quiet here so I can hear myself think. With all those people and their four children, this place is always one huge noise and chaos. I'm glad they play happily, but it really does get to one after a while of the non-stop screaming and playing.

Not long after, Mother arrives on foot. She's fuming mad and put off.

Apparently she had wanted to put some food aside for me to eat later, and was trampled under a rain of hatred from Harrison and his wife.

I say thanks to her for wanting to be kind to me, but it really wasn't necessary. I assumed since I'm not there, I'll just miss out on that food and I'm fine with that. Everybody can really just carry on without me, and I'll just fall in when and if I do decide to go.

She says she knows but she wanted to. If she wants to care for and show kindness to one of her children, she will do so, and it's her right.

It is obvious Mother just endured much more than gentle kidding about a hen caring for her chicks. This was an aggressive war they launched on Mother, and it seems Harrison's wife Mary is the worst of all, not that it's any of her business what our family does.

I can see Mother is deeply upset. What in blazes is going on here? Does this have something to do with the evil look in Harrison's eyes yesterday at breakfast? It is becoming clear it does.

According to Mother, this fight she was just in became so hateful and spiteful that she just had to leave. They were telling Mother that she's "retired" now (read old as shit and not worth anything) and should no longer have to do anything, and never have any worries about her children ever again.

They also accuse her of destroying her marriage.

Mother left and came home to Canyon Manoir, but that of course explodes into another fight later over Mother leaving Angie's "birthday party" and not eating cake with her, ignoring the fact that they made it unbearable for Mother there and basically decided for her that she's redundant.

They really are rubbing Mother the wrong way here.

Unfortunately this wasn't the last of it...

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