Beautiful Chaos - The Dark Road

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Love is the nothing that is everything.
Freedom is a birthright that we forfeit.
Death is a reality that we cowardly accept.


Diamonds over muddy water,
ice in thick grains,
black seeds.

A flask of toxins
basket boxed in a
hexagon shape.

- further date-

Why escape?
the box I climbed out of
was surely a broad residence
plain, tasteless.

I found relevance in truth,
a turn of events became
a three-sixty…

I saw you dancing with the three
sixes. I danced in close-

a swing of death indeed
a swig of the demon seed.

-the trigger proceeds to bleed-
there is two sides of a face,
but one me.

Bloody Gems

I say…
Screw the pursuit of happiness ,
a life without scars
is a wasted life indeed.

I stole my neighbors luxurious-dated-vehicle.
(I’m no thief.)
I wanted to show his flawless,
paint still fresh from the day he bought it: car.
A real adventure.

Put a few dents in the bumper,
scratch the paint gloss,
let those tires fall victim to asphalt.

Give that beauty a story.

Then it would surely be beautiful…
For beauty is pain,
if eyes are windows to the soul,
then scars are evidence of
its battles.

You lay on your over-priced
sofa. Safely being the spectator you are.

I say…
Get off your ass,
run for nothing,
touch a human being,
cure a disease,
start a fight…

Do Something…

But no…
You all are just over-fanaticized vehicles
flaunting your gloss, waiting for the
lovely satisfaction of admiration, and applause.

Not me…

It’s better to be a wolf than a sheep.
The wolf is an adventurous hunter,
The sheep is a drone waiting to be devoured.
-My teeth are bloody-

I’m coming for the superficial glamour,
cup caked make up, and slicked back hair

I will tear it to shreds, and lift my leg
on the scraps.

Then you will all have
a scar,
a tear,
a drip of blood,
… a taste of life & beauty.

Don’t be afraid, this is true freedom…

For the only true freedom is knowing
that all you are is evidence of circumstance,
and you can only run wild,
when you lose yourself.

Break a bone, lose a tooth,
slice that oh-so-delicate skin,
and give your heart.

No… As a matter of fact…
Throw it in a empty bottle,
and watch the tides take it away.

Tie it to a kite,
and let the breeze have its way.

Watch where you put that gem of yours,
for I was once as child-minded as you.

I missed a step on my way to heaven,
and dropped it in a field of spikes,
or… was it a incineration chamber…
maybe… a locker of hydrochloric acid.

Either way,
it cut deep,
suffocated slow,
and burned black.

Have no fear children.
Fear will make you the hamster,
faithfully chasing its tail on a wheel
to nowhere.

Leap! Take a dive from that mountain top,
and as you fall… let the wind chant your name.

But never forget…

Love ,
created you.
floods your veins.
your only purpose to life.
the only thing that will grant you death.

Love me, or hate me…
I’m going to cause a catastrophe.
(he he)


Lucky you,
Shattering walls of ego, coming out of your desolate closet,
writing songs about love, taking long walks to ledges for a better
view, and stealing sacrifice from the desperate to satisfy your own hunger.

Lucky you,
Who flirts with your own advantage, making a collage out of black&white photographs: remembering the days when you rode the wind on a bald eagle
with a carton of eggs in your back pack.

Lucky you,
So fortunate, you are, to have full focus, and see the philosophy of mankind so clearly. Smudging ink on clown faces, and cutting their perverse "parts" to make sure they never cross that line again.

Lucky me,
Who see's the truth, and wears it on crossed planks,
just below my sternum.

Lucky me,
I washed my hands of your treachery! Now, I live in peace, but
peace is so oftenly confused with the feeling of pure...


Lucky you, indeed, for I am
still bleeding,
still drowning,
and if I wasn't so cold.

I would be burning too.

Lucky you.

Dark Villainy

They say I'm dark, and
I tell them, you wouldn't
know darkness, if you were head-
first in a muck.

Leeches drain my blood, and
leave their dark seeds
in my bowels.

Picture that,
and stop framing me
for the destruction of clouds.

My brain hears sounds,
little ugly goblins feed my head
delicious lies.

I spark a light in her
under belly,
but her heart still finds me
ugly... and repulsive.

I am the joker,
burning global currency, and
watching as chaos brings
this wretched globe to its

No, justice-hero, will
stop me either.
For, you are all just
zany little mice.

No cheese.

The panther-
claws, splatter blood
on satin beds, and pillows.

I am the juice at
the center, of a
desert plain...

Search til end,
thee will never find,
unless thee thinks
of a child's



Doc, I'm telling you the clock
is chasing me!

(No it's not boy, relax.)

That grand hand is
discomfort to my
fragile mind.

Silhouette of those numbers
making me cower, every-time
they lap each other.

(Focus... on something happy.)

Alright, alright.

Waves smashing against my
ankle bones, toxic lemon juice
in my right hand. Sweeter than
my angel, dripped in honey.


A shark!
Serrated teeth, dipping
to the scent of my


You see...!
I cannot escape the anxiety, which
has taken over me,
left-cranium is corrupted
by time, and all the miscellaneous
disruptions, and signs.

Doc, oh doc, please...
save me from time.


It's about time we grow up,
loitering rebelliously at the
store around the corner.

Magical marks on the brick walls,
Oh, vandals of no mercy, challenging any
outsider that sets foot
on our land.

We used to be the "bad" kids,
throwing rocks at rodents,
and screaming atrocities
at the local s---s.

Or, we'd sit on some driveway, and
burn down hazy trees,
spitting knowledge of the unknown
acting like we are so grown.

Man, how times blown.
Burn-outs from bad cars, and
twinkles from dimmed stars,
we sit, just sit, and just burn.

I told'em life moves fast,
and it's not about cash,
when I grow up I'll tell you

while I listen to Sublime:

the tries of our crimes,
the kiss of them dimes,
the taste of green lines.

Stay young fast, cause the good times

never last.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
6th May 2014 (#)

I am afraid the poem is too long to hold my attention. Kindly break it into two parts.

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