Beautiful Sway

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A short poem inspired by a princess of true beauty! Written by a beast.

Beauty and her Beast

Her beautiful eyes pull me in, breath into me....
In a world where I never truly win, I'm calm within them.

Her laughter melts that darkness away from my heart, I'm falling faster...
I've been lost from the very start, never knowing a linked strength to another heart.

She walks by, even flowers hold they're breath in her presence to for even but a moment catch a fleeting glimpse of true beauty.

A blissful rhapsody this simply has to be! her gorgeous smile has become the center of my worlds gravity. To see her frown is considered blasphemy, to see that smile I'd happily travel through the galaxy this is simply not a fantasy I'll valiantly fight for her until I lose my sanity no matter how far away I'm never truly absently dismissed from my destiny and no it's not a mere fallacy.

It just simply has to be.... Such a princess shines love on this beast whom won't hold weight onto any vanity and never win any kind of pageantry. Never I feel a hint of any apathy such kindness shining so brightly i feel so alive when I hold her tightly.

It has to be... She's my sunshine, she is my only one! In my eye's she's second to none. Heart beats fluttering, around her my souls speech begins to start stuttering, her beauty is simply smothering! I'll glady let it take my breath away.

It has to be... I've found it! L-O-V-E.

L - Loving and Longing to be with her always.
O - Open Hearted and Optimistic around her.
V - Valiantly always looking to put a smile on her face.
E - Everyday she makes me happy. Eternal is my love for her.

So with her beautiful ways I'll always be swayed.
With her around my skies will never gray.
As I sit here and text away I just wanted to say to you my love happy Valentine's Day <3.


Love Poem, Valentines Day

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Poetry and Short Story. Expression of raw emotion through real life experience.
A need to put words to trials and tribulations.

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