Beautifully Dark Love

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This is a short except from a series I created back when I was in middle school. It was something I created during a time when I was addicted to reading Anne Rice novels.

Beloved Darkness

The crown jewel of the Pharaoh.
The home of Alexiel, the Pharaohs closest companion and most revered friend.
The birth place of Anck-su-namon, the Pharaohs most prized possession. Anck-su-namon was known for his deep androgynous beauty that made him the desire of every man and woman who laid their eyes upon him, and from the moment he'd had hit the tender age of fourteen he'd become nothing but an object of sheer beauty to please his master and no one else.
No man or woman was allowed to touch him, but out of his deep love for Alexiel he risked everything. Their secret lasted for only two years, however, all things must come to an end.
When it was discovered that the youth had been touched by another, the Pharaoh had the youth bound by his ankle to a bed where he would stay until the man who had gone against the Pharaohs will was caught. Refusing to say who his secret lover was, Anck-su-namon pulled the dagger from the Pharaohs sheath and drove it into his heart.
Outraged and heartbroken, Alexiel broke into the youths crypt and stole his body. Racing deep into the desert, Alexiel brought the youths body to two women who were known for their ability to see and speak with the spirits of the dead. For his love, Alexiel dared to go against God and tested His fury by traveling deep into the desert to the witchling twins.
Placing the body on the table before them, he begged for their help, begged for them to bring him back from the depths of the underworld. Back then, in Egypt, when the people spoke of these witches it meant only that they inherited from their mother-as she did from her own mother-the ability to speak with the dead.
They began the ritual, plucking Anck-su-namons spirit from the after life and forcing it back into his body. However, before Alexiel could move forward the Pharaohs guards stormed the temple of the witch twins and seized the three before the ritual could be completed.
At that moment, Uriel-who had been waiting for centuries to become flesh again-entered the youths body through the wound in his chest. The guards watched in horror as Anck-su-namons body began to convulse, twisting in pain as the wound upon his chest slowly began to close before he suddenly fell limp upon the stone table. Then as if God himself bent forward and breathed new life into his body, he inhaled sharply as his once dark brown eyes faded into a crystal blue so pale they were nearly silver. His eye teeth elongated and the burning desire to feed filled his body painfully.
At that very moment, Alexiel felt as if his entire body was on fire, his heart racing as he was released by the guards who watched him in sheer fear and horror. He fell to his knees and cried out as each bone in his body seemed to crack and re-shift beneath his flesh. The surge of unbearable pain racked through his body as he tore at his chest hard enough to draw blood. God had cursed him so that he would be the one thing more dangerous to Anck-su-namon then the threat of the sunlight.
Alexiel howled as his skin burst apart, black fur replacing it as his jaws snapped shut around the throat of the nearest guard.
Screams rose from the guards.
A guard brave enough to move passed the creature grabbed the eldest twin by her long black hair and lifted his blade up to kill her. However, as he dropped his weapon down his arm was torn straight from its socket and the two were flung across the room, her face sporting the deep gashes the wolf had put there so that her eye hung loosely from its socket against her cheek as she watched her sister fall to her knees as he own deep gashes gushed forth blood.
Uriel had now what he had sought so desperately for.
He was in the flesh.
However, he was no more.
What was in his place was a new breed of vampire who was similar to Lilith herself, however, more vicious. With skin as soft as a humans and an animal like need to feed, Anck-su-namon was the start of a new breed. A solider drew his weapon and drove it into the youths stomach as the boy stared up at him, and when the weapon was removed Anck-su-namon suddenly attached himself to the man and tore out his throat. Alexiel fled from the temple, running through the desert under the full moon as the brave guards of the pharaoh hunted him. After he realized what he had become, Anck-su-namon made Mirelith and Mirekara into his companions so that he would not be alone. As for Alexiel, he cried out in agony once the sun rose and he was again himself, for he knew they would never be able to be together again.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
31st Dec 2013 (#)

Knowing Uriel, he is more into creativity and the way it is the way he will be.
Even in mortality he would be more creative than anyone one you know and easily offended by hurtful quirks made against him.

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