Beauty at the Window

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This story is about a boy who fell in love with a girl, just seeing her at a window. What followed was least expected by him.

Good Morning!

She was in her bed, lying in the blanket, sleeping in the night and dreaming in the darkness, about lights that surrounded her with nature in its full colour which pleased her eyes and finally tears of true happiness rolled down her cheeks.

Her hair, which was kept loose, long and deep black, spread over her bed and some glided down her cheeks, some fell over her face of which one was heedless but the silence of the darkness had witnessed what it had to. Her lips, which had no artificial colour on them, were ruby-like, and her eyelids seemed to be protecting her dreams which she was seeing in her deep slumber. It was true that she was sleeping but her beauty wasn’t. It seemed to be livelier, changing all the time as the time passed evenly.

The sun rose from its sleep. She also followed the sun with a silent opening of her eyes which were now exposed to the light. She seemed to have liked her dream more than this truth. But then she made a little compromise and came down the bed and took a few easy steps to a window near to her. She was then facing the soft incoming wind as soon as she opened the window. Once again a sweet smile filled with happiness appeared through her lips.

The Play-gound

Outside, there was a play-ground in which some boys were playing cricket. They were the selected players for the junior team of that locality. A boy named Suman saw her at the window and very soon he lost interest in his practice and sat down to watch her. He found her smiling. He also smiled many times and wished that she had seen his best smile. He then lost her into the room.

Then Suman felt, the very next day, he was taking more interest in her than his game. He saw her standing at the window, with her long hair before her body and she was combing it. She was carrying the loveliest smile. Suman was much determined about that.

Suman was a good cricketer. He was the only batsman on which the team work would depend. It was a surprise to the coach to witness him out of form. Suman looked like he had no interest in cricket and sometimes he played like one who didn’t know how to play.

Dilip, his team-mate, once caught him looking secretly at the girl at the window. Suman had to tell his heart.
‘I am in love with that girl. I want to meet her.’

Dilip looked at him fixedly.

The Truth

‘I think she also loves me,’ Suman added

‘How can you say that?’ Dilip asked.

‘She has always smiled at me.’

Dilip then said, ‘Forget her. Give your attention to the game; otherwise you will lose your position in the team.’

‘I can’t. You must help me. You live in this same building. So, you can tell her a word or two from me.’

‘Look Suman. She doesn’t love you. And she wasn’t smiling at you.’ Suman wasn’t ready to believe him.

‘The smiles you had seen were the smiles of her personal happiness.’

‘But she smiled whenever I smiled,’ Suman insisted. ‘I saw her,’

‘Leave it. My dear friend.’

‘Why?’ Suman asked, this time he was little bit annoyed.

‘Because that girl is blind,’ Dilip uncovered the secret.

‘What?’, Suman shouted. ‘Blind!’

Suman looked towards that window and found her still in good spirits and afterwards she vanished into the room.


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