Before The Pharaohs

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The history of the world is always the constant struggle between good and evil

Before The Pharaohs

In the world before recorded time bands of nomads roamed the plains. Out of this nomadic time and into legend came the one man that forever changed the course of human history. An intellectual with a higher calling. He single handily united all the known world into one nation. Driven not by greed or glory but by a divine calling. Using his persuasiveness and benevolent demure tribe after tribe united in fellowship and harmony ending the constant struggle for the basic needs of human existence. In doing so man was capable to achieve great knowledge and attain great prosperity. The conflicts that existed before never reappeared.

Tens of thousands of years since the beginning the technological and scientific advances has advanced mankind far above the confines of earth. Disease, famine, and war have long since become extinct. As civilization expanded beyond the stars mankind continues to gain insight into our greater purpose.

If only this was the reality of now. But, it has always been the good that man does is always overshadowed by the evil that men do. Through-out history there have been those who ambitions know no bounds. Often they hide behind cloaks of deception beguiling the masses with false pretenses. Has it always been an innate sense of survival that prompts one to act with diabolical intentions? Is history shaped by malicious, willful and calculated carnage upon humanity? Are misshaped ideologies root causes for the evil that man does? Even before the Pharaohs man has sought power, control and wealth. In doing so humanity continues to be brutally and savagely attacked.

The onslaught against humanity where freedoms die continues in this the 21st century. It is as though mankind is on self destructive course toward their own annihilation. Since time immemorial the constant struggle between good and evil has left a trail of destruction then rebirth only to have this cycle repeat through-out the ages.

The constant struggle between good and evil has plagued Mankind even before the Pharaohs. What ever good that came about as time went on the evil intentions of men always has had a destructive hand in thwarting the advances that would ensure the advancement of civilization. Yet, civilization has managed to advance up to a point. Are we at a pivotal point in history where good will persevere or will the evil intent of some bring a collapse of civilization driving mankind back into the caves?

Today, our values, our tolerance, our freedoms, and our virtue are being attacked. Many of us may not even realize the full extent of what has been lost. We are in that cycle of destruction following a rebirth in the history of the world. We are all living on the very narrow seam of civilization and moral oblivion. Today, the seas of existence for mankind are so far out of balance it is a wonder that civilization is still here. Maybe and just maybe there will come a time when humanity will finally realize that a harmonious union of all societies will achieve that balance for all of civilization. A balance that will enable mankind to not only reach for the stars but to actually get there.


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