Being Agnostic

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The article is a viewpoint on religion.The religious aspects of today and how it can be a savior to our society.

Being Agnostic

Agnostic?? What is agnostic.I was also unfamiliar of this term and understood this only after reading a book by Khushwant Singh.The book name was God and God men of India. Many articles has been collected to form this book. His book provides many justifications by providing answers about one`s religious questions in a more understandable way.

When I bought this book , I started reading thinking it would be a humorous read on the gods and the god men/god women of our country.What I did not know was that after reading the book there would be some more questions about my country`s rituals and spiritualism.Now, I can say that I am not an atheist nor a believer,I am an agnostic.

The book left an impact on me that how should my personal religion should be.A religion based on the thinking and observations made by my parents and ancestors could not be mine. It has to be a more personal one.Following a religion just because of the society is not on the cards.A modern person should understand that following a religion is not merely a ticket to Heaven or a good Karma leading to you for your better afterlife or rebirth.Religion should not only stop us from doing badly deeds,but also motivate us to do good things.
In the 21st century , I think a religion should be mostly based on the inner evaluation of one self , only outside physical appearances bring well to no one.Today , we are likely to have a religion that focuses and helps to solve problems like that of overpopulation,deforestation,violation of human rights,racism etc.These are only some of the many problems that the modern world is facing .I think our God would be happier if we devote our time to some orphan child than reading holy books in his praise.Recently,I went to a worship place, outside there were some youths who were collecting money for the flood victims and inside the place there was a box to collect money for the gold plating of the tomb of the temple.I do not know why they think the god would be happy if they beautify the place of worship and not helping our humanity , which I think is the foremost function of a religion.I am also happy and aware of the fact that many religious institutions give money for philanthropy purposes and offer free food to the poor.The Bishnoi Samaj in India had been famous for protecting trees.Many religious organizations provide education and uniforms to the needy.There have been anti drug campaigns and traffic awareness camps with their help and many more .

The thought which comes to my mind is that a person who believes in God should not merely believe in the outer beliefs and showing off his/her religious beliefs and forcing it to others.The person should contribute to the humanity by his generosity and showing respect to the almighty not only by worshiping but by saving the nature that the God has given us a present to us.Only remembering god at bad times should not be the case.The good thoughts and teachings should be passed on to all irrespective of their faith.We should break all the useless superstitions which we follow in the name of god .The betterment of Mankind and our present life should solely be the reason of a religion.


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author avatar C.D. Moore
12th Sep 2014 (#)

Yes, religion puts too much emphasis on the outer beliefs and not the transformation of the person.

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author avatar Manjot1469
1st Oct 2014 (#)

Yes ma`m absolutely.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
13th Sep 2014 (#)

Awesome post and one of a kind too, cheers!

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