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This is something I wrote after the death of Michael Joseph Jackson. I became very annoyed with people and comments about basically being "different" like it's a disease or something!

Food for Thought

You know I've been reading and listening to a lot of things since Michael Joseph Jackson has passed away. I find it to be extremely interesting how people mentioned that he was weird or I loved him until he became weird. So, I guess that means when you are different than the norm and misunderstood you are automatically weird. Wow. What does that say to our youth that it’s not okay to be different because you will be ridiculed and talked about because you’re different? Michael J. Jackson was a very gifted and talented man and that's something NO ONE can take from him. If you look through history extremely talented people have been tortured souls, had demons of sorts, etc. The greater you are in displaying the Gift God gave you the harder the enemy tries to bring you down. No one has walked in his shoes so NO ONE should be able to comment on how it felt to be him and be different and never really feeling LOVED because he was different and misunderstood. I can go on but I won't...

BTW what type of person do you think you would be if you were truly functioning in the GREATNESS GOD has ordained for YOUR LIFE? What type of people will PERSECUTE YOU? What things will THEY say? How many jealous PEOPLE will show THEMSELVES? We put conditions on when and how long we will love does it feel when people do it to you?


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4th Aug 2012 (#)

I have heard elephants march on and dogs might think it is because they bark. I don't think Michael Jackson bothered much and in fact might have enjoyed the attention because he appeared different - siva

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