Being Mad Is Not Bad

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Who said being mad is a negative thing? Who made all these standardisations? Why do we need to follow these unspoken norms?

Who made the rules? Why should I accept them?

The biggest problem of our society, or rather, of mankind is that we have defined a set of rules or what we call 'standards' by which everything or everyone is judged. No one questions the origin or the source of these rules. Everyone chooses to follow them. What is the defining concept behind the definitions of right and wrong? This is the basis on which this particular essay is being written. Someone sometime must have written down a set of rules, a set of rights and wrongs. Why should I follow or believe what he has to say? Why should I not believe myself? After all, we are all blessed with a conscience or an inner self. Where is the definitive resounding proof that something is wrong with my conscience when I refuse to believe in these set rules?

The truth is what we see around us

The only thing, in this world, that most probably cannot be questioned (leaving out the existential aspect, of course) is the natural world that we see around us everyday. I stress on the word 'natural'. Natural can be defined as something that has been existing in true form since time immemorial and which does not intersect with human intervention in any form at any point of time whatsoever. The natural world, complete with all the fauna and flora (that we have so lovingly destroyed) cannot be questioned. A flower or a tree or the birds in the sky or the rivulet in the distance are definitely true. In fact, it is because of our standardisation that a flower is called a flower. I agree that a certain coherence and order is required for humans to make sense of the world but the big question arises when somebody decides to not follow that order. Will that somebody be deemed as mad? Would a word as dismissive as 'nonsense' do justice to the person's views?

Too many rules

The world does not function on rules or standards set by us. Surely, rules made by us cannot be as important as the rules of nature. We have made rules suited to our needs. We have developed into a complex society and in order to support our needs, we have devised certain standards, based on which everything and everyone is measured, graded and labelled. The problem with human society right now is the over-abundance of rules and standards. There are too many things and too many aspects that one has to think about while performing an action. While rules are certainly important for the proper functioning of our societies, they cannot govern our lives in entirety. I do not call for a complete dramatic revamping of the way our thought processes move. What I do propose is the striking of a balance.

Strike a balance!

Balance is the magical word that can provide a win-win situation for human society to function in harmony with free will and conscience. None should overpower the other. They are two sets exclusive of each other in entirety but they are equal in weight. Set standardized rules should give way to bring about constructive generation of new, evolved thought processes which would benefit free movement of thoughts and ideas globally. People need to shed their reticent characters and break away from their shells. They need to realize that they are alive and are as gifted and important as the people who had devised the original set of rules and standardized processes in the beginning. We are humans. We have big brains which translates into heightened levels of intellectualism.

The free mind

We should and cannot take everything for granted. People might call you unruly but then again the meaning of the word 'unruly' is highly debatable. People might call you mad but then again, being mad might not be that bad. You have a short life. If you are scared to question your existence 90% of the time, then you yourself are to be blamed. Questions and challenges help to bring about positive development through tools such as constructive debates, discourses and remedial actions. All that is required is to start thinking freely. We need to forget all the boundaries that surround us. We need to imagine ourselves standing in the middle of a field which extends to infinity on all sides. We need to roam with our free minds. The free mind is the deadliest gift that God has given to mankind. I reiterate, being mad is not bad.


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