Being Positive is very important in life !

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..sometimes in life no matter how positive we try to be it doesnt work out, only time helps us get over things !

Being Optimistic !

Very few people that we know of are positive .It is so easy to be happy by being positive, which in turn makes others comfortable and happy in our company.Sometimes in life no matter how positive we try to be it doesnt work out, only time helps us get over things

A few tips that help us remain positive

When you wake up in the morning, promise yourself that today is going to be a good day and if possible make it a practice to do this every day.

There is always something in your life that makes you happy, so remember those moments and be happy.

Life is great and one has to make the most of it today, not tomorrow.

Remember that things cannot get better by worrying about them, instead concentrate on how to make things better by taking some practical steps.

Take an interest in everything you do, whether it is housework or your career or shopping,cooking. When we feel happy with some work well done, it gives us immense satisfaction and spurs us on to do better.

Being considerate and thoughtful about others help you in building positive relationships.

Learning from our mistakes is an important part of our life.One should also have the courage to admit one's mistakes.

Being open minded and willing to learn from others helps us grow as individuals.

Lip service is not enough, the attitude should be right, then only can you see positive results !

Optimism and Positivity go hand in hand.One should remember that it is only an optimistic person who is able to handle crisis well..


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author avatar ghazala zafar
10th Jul 2012 (#)

Very positive thinking, a person with negative thinking can be recognized easily...people start to avoid 'em and at the end of the day he's been left alone!

I've written a similar article, have a look here;
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