Being a Gemini Woman

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Gemini women is good at everything, except for deciding what she really wants..And thats not because she does not like something, but because she likes too many things, at the same time.

A Gemini Girl

As a school girl, when I used to analyze myself, I would always get surprised. I found that I was interested in all the subjects, but at the same time, found concentrating on anything difficult. I never hated any subject. I liked whatever I did, whether it be studies, sports, dancing, singing, painting, you just name it. But I could focus on one thing only for few months before I found another subject of interest. With my wide domain of interest, I found choosing and settling for one thing difficult.

A Gemini Woman

When I grew up, I grew somewhat wiser than my school-girl self. I now know what is important and what is not. So I can decide better. But I still like almost every skill. I hate it when I have to remain stuck to one thing for too long, even though I liked it very much before starting it.
Sometimes, I surprise myself with one of my most bizarre quality. It is the quality of liking and disliking the same thing at the same time. Yes! believe it or not, I can do it. Or I sometimes like two contrary ideas at the same time. And I find that weird too. How can anybody do that, and why will anybody do that? If they like something, how can they like the opposite thing equally? Well, I don't have answers to my questions, except for the fact that I am a Gemini...I have two twins living inside me..or something like that.

Not all are same

I do understand that all the girls/women who fall under this sun sign might not be like me. Its just that I used to find some of my qualities strange and undefinable. Then I came across the qualities of being a Gemini Woman in some website. That gave my unanswered questions some sort of answer that fits in perfectly. Websites which talks about sun-sign qualities are very smart and they know how to articulate even the most negative qualities in such a way that the reader will only get positive vibes. But, whatever, as long as I can explain to myself why I am weird, I am happy, and that's about it. :)

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author avatar M G Singh
30th May 2014 (#)

I am a gemini man. Lovely post

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
30th May 2014 (#)

Not a Gemini, but Geminis are my friends. Nice post!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jun 2014 (#)

Interesting post and tastes Pollyal - siva

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