Belief and The Small World

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When we look at present day and go back in time couple of hundred years, we could have done the same thing, if we only have now.

Beliefsystems Control Us and Our Environment

I heard once from my mentor and have also heard it from few others about beliefsystems, I have also mentioned it before, so for me it’s nothing new.

If look at an animal, how it corresponds to it’s environment, I think of, what does an animal think when they are out getting air? I would consider if they even were thinking, because a dog etc. always keeps the owner in sight and if it’s out of sight, it barks or something if something else is up.

If an animal only knew now I don’t know, but what if they could see was their world, then they would have to have a leash to it’s owner, so it won’t get lost, it might be a natural fear, yet if it’s world is as big as the eyes can see, then it is a small world.

Now if I take a look at a human, and if our world was the same as an animal, how do you imagine it? It wouldn’t be normal no, because today we are sure that there is a station nearby, or a busstop, or something behind the fence, of course we have cars, therefore we know there is a road to drive on, but what if all of this, not were there, if what we could see was our world? Now we have to turn back time, to the very first human being or beings.

First thing is, we are thinkers everyone, we have memory, so that we can remember the way to the shoppingmall, we can take a car and drive around, now we first have to practice it before it becomes a socalled habit.

I have developed this view from an article by Thomas Troward, “The Starting Point”, that we all, us humans have intelligence, just almost everyone is not using it the way it could be used.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Jan 2014 (#)

Animals are also driven by survival instincts and they want to be accepted by own family. Of course, some species want more freedom and independent lifestyle. Domesticated animals are different from wild and that means they adapt like us. I feel we more similar than we tend to understand. For us the basics should remain the same for our survival - siva

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