Believe What You Like.

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When you are young they tell you "these are the best days of your life".Eventually everything is stripped away.Brutal reality but true.

Believe What You Like.

Flames are rising frome the ashes of death,
Cursed by the madness,that enters my head,
Crude interuptions and never on time,
Deleting the subject,the tape now rewinds.

Course and untamed,behaviour is wild,
Uncontroled and unruley is the inner child,
Awaiting convertion into adulthood,
Hanging onto a passed,resisting the feud.

Inner contentment,never to find,
One step in the future one step behind,
Causing confusion,who knows what is right,
No dress rehearsal this is my life,

Afraid to grow old,Layers stripping away,
Grasping at youth,forge the decay,
Slow down the procees,keeping it young,
Look at heart,taken by some,

New revalation enters the thoughts,
Seasons created teaching us lots,
Distant the dash from cradle to grave,
Desparately grabbing at all you can safe.

Funny the trail,survival instinct,
I am what I am and all that I think,
So keep it in mind,that thoughts all control,
The state of a being and the final goal.

As I enter the stage,the final demand,
Did I do all I could,and be all I can,
Yet hope will emerge a grace undeserved,
The choice was all mine,and the master I served.

Don't make the mistake as I often did,
To escape the future,predending to kid,
It all catches up,realaity harsh,
Exausted and beaten,destined to crash.


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author avatar Utah Jay
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

Nice work.

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