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This artcle separates the physical from the psychological and emotional. In partcular it looks at the physical part (body language) from the mental and emotional aspect of a person's life and explores the idea that physical wellbeing isn't the same as emotional wellbeing.

On the inside

I look in the mirror and am shocked,
The inside is often laughed at and mocked.
My skin is okay as long as it is stroked,
It will heal even when it is harshly poked.
It is not what is in the mirror that causes sleepless nights,
I don't really care about the horrible or good sights.

It is the inner core that causes worry,
That even bothers me when I drive my burnt out lorry.
The smile on my face may be wide,
Hidden behind it is a whole new other side.
Smiles may mask salt water,
But inside still lingers the loss of a daughter.

Soap takes care of all the oil,
It cleans away grime that threatens to spoil.
Oh the mind remembers all the good times,
How I used to marvel when I saw her mimes.
Every day I suffer from internal bleeding,
This bright appearance is most misleading.

The three of us went down to a beautiful lake,
Reluctantly I agreed to a warm handshake.
I didn't know he could use such brute force,
He did her more damage than a wild horse.
The next day I found her dead by the sea,
Her mouth was wide open as if she uttered a desperate plea.

She was left in quite a state,
Apparently my arrival was just too late.
What I saw was like a scene from a horror movie,
Her life was just so groovy,
Most of her was left in a heap,
My future journeys would be awfully steep.

Now the inside of me begins to decompose,
I don't even know how to present my new date with a rose.
For me I am surviving but fast beginning to decay,
The wish is for the great spirit to terminate my stay.
The only thing left for me to see him on a court bench,
Even the dead can't withstand his horrible stench.

These days I look very good,
How my heart still beats can never be understood.
Right now I'm going through the motions,
Every day I get frightening notions.
Until I see him brought to book I must be strong,
I am on his trail so it won't be very long.
These men in blue can't make an arrest,
To take him down and avoid them I'll have to be at my best,
When I see him suffer in pain I can prepare my tombstone and rest.

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