Benny's Day Off

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This is the first of a two part story about Benny's weekend.

Benny's Day Off: Part one

It was her one day off from school, and Benny planned to do absolutely nothing. She woke up yawning. The warm summer sun shined into her bedroom warming her fur. Benny slowly stood up and walked out of her room. She went into the bathroom for her morning shower. Benny turned on the water and let the cool water wash over her fur. She took a bottle of apple body washed and squeezed some into her hands. She rubbed it into her wet fur. Benny is obsessive about bathing and keeping her fur clean.

Benny finished her shower, she turned off the water and wrapped her body in a fluffy blue bath towel. "Are you finished in there?" her mother asked knocking on the bathroom door.

"All yours," Benny said while she combed her chest fur. Her mother went into the bathroom to take her morning shower.

Benny brushed her shiny white fur. She removed her towel and opened her dresser drawer. She took out a white bikini which almost looked invisible against her fur.

Benny put the bikini on and went into the kitchen for breakfast. She opened the refrigerator door and took a cartoon of carrot juice.

Benny took a glass and poured the juice. Her father was sitting at the table reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of black coffee. He looked over at his young daughter. "You can't go outside looking like that," he said.

Benny leaned against the counter "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" she asked.
She crossed her arms over her chest.

"In a word," her father said "Boys." his voice became angry "I can imagine what they will say when they see you outside in that skimpy outfit."

Benny stretched out her arms and looked down at her bikini. "Dad, she said "I don't have the kind of body boys like." at that moment she thought about Blazer.

"Especially the kind of boys your taking about." she said sipping her juice.

"Your a developing young girl," he said "And that's enough for any boy."

Benny smiled, she went to her father and gave him a hug "I love you too dad", she said, then she went in to her bedroom.

Benny took her radio, beach towel, sunglasses and sunscreen. She went outside and spread her towel on the side of the fountain in the yard. She sat on the towel putting her hand into the cold water. She splashed herself with the water, Benny laid on the towel. Benny untied her top and rubbed sunscreen into her back.

she tied on her bikini and turned her radio onto the all music station. After about an hour, she turned on to her back and rubbed sunscreen on her small chest and tummy. She soon fell asleep in the warm Summer sunshine.

She never noticed a certain shirtless boy wearing a pair of black jeans and carrying a really large water gun sneaking behind her.


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