Benny's New Rival

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Benny has a new rival for Blazer's "friendship". A girl on the new World Academy swim team named Sara.

Benny's New Rival

It was a late summer afternoon, swim practice had just ended for that day. Coach blew her whistle "Okay everybody out of the pool," she said waving her hand "I'll see you here tomorrow." Blazer held on to the edge of the pool. " Can I swim a little longer?" he asked. Blazer floated in the water .,looking up at the coach with his innocent eyes. " Okay", the coach said "but don't get tired."

Blazer smiled then dove under the water. Benny was dressed in her bikini and wearing a dirty baseball cap backward. Coach made her the team assistant and alternate swimmer. She had a whistle around her neck and a stopwatch in her hand.

Coach walked over to Benny at the side of the pool. "Don't let him swim to long," she said. "Or let him get to tired for practice tomorrow."

Don't worry coach," she said "I won't."

The coach left the pool area and went into her office. Benny blew her whistle "another half hour," she said "then let's go home." Blazer waved to her from the water.

While Blazer swam, a young rabbit was lying on her chest next to the pool watching the boy swimming.

Sara Togha is a blonde rabbit about Blazer's age with blonde fur and yellow hair. Her gold bikini was invisible against her fur. "What a little cutie," she said. She watched Blazer swim.

Benny noticed the girl eyeing Blazer. She walked over to Sara. Sara saw a glimpse of his chest. "He has quite a muscular little chest," she said with a grin. Benny stood over Sara.

"Stay away from him," she said.

Sara stood on the edge of the pool. The girls stood facing each other. Benny pushed her into the pool. Sara splashed wildly in the pool "Help I can't swim!" she yelled.

Blazer quickly swam to her and held her chest. Sara smiled. This was better than she could have planned. She loved having Blazer's arms around her. He lifted her out of the pool. Sara's bikini and fur were soaked. Her bikini top nearly fell off. She ran into the girl's locker room.

"That was the meanest thing I ever saw," Blazer yelled at Benny. He climbed out of the pool.

"She made me so mad!" Benny said handing Blazer a towel. "She was faking not knowing how to swim," She said "Sara is on the swim team!" Blazer put is hand around Benny's waist.

The two friends left the pool area with Sara watching from behind a door. Her chest was wrapped with a towel. She swung her bikini top in her hand. " Soon Blazer will be my boyfriend," she said with a smile.


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