Benny's Secret Swim

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Benny goes for a swim by herself (or so she thinks).

Benny's Secret Swim

Benicia Martinez walked down the dirt path to a deep blue lake outside of town. She was wearing only her red string bikini. A purple towel hung around her neck and her dirty baseball cap on her head. Benny thought about her friend Blazer.

"I should've invited him to go swimming with me," she thought. Her hands were on her hips. Benny sighed. She came to the edge of the lake. Benny threw her towel onto the sandy ground. he dipped her foot into the water then quickly removed it

"That's cold," she said shivering. It was a hot day, Benny looked at the cool inviting water. "But I would much rather be in there," she said pointing at the lake "Than out here sweating like a boy."

Benny waded chest deep into the water.

The water felt warmer as she went deeper. Benny dove under the water and swam to the surface. She floated on her back, looking at the clear blue sky.

Benny remembered the first time Blazer saw her in a bikini. The boy fainted and she carried him to the ocean then tossed him in the surf. She smiled at the memory.

Benny's small chest stuck out of the water shining in the sun. Unfortunately she still had the body of a boy. But she didn't care.

She was who she was.

Blazer The Secret Spy

Blazer had followed her and hid himself in some blackberry bushes at the side of the trail. Blazer was shirtless as usual and had his new camera. Blazer wore his favorite swim suit with the red flames on the side. He wanted to take pictures of Benny swimming in the lake.

He watched her floating silently in the water, her eyes closed. He stared at her and blushed red all over his furry body. Blazer quietly came for a closer look.

Blazer stepped back from the lake to try to focus his camera but he slipped on some small pebbles and fell into the lake with a splash. His camera fell into the water.

Blazer hit the water so hard it left a red mark on his belly.

Benny sat up after she heard the splash, She swam to the spot were he fell in. Benny was surprised to see Blazer floating face down in the water.

She pulled him up holding him by his chest. Benny held him closely, When his eyes opened, he was staring at her chest.

"What are you doing here?" Benny asked him.

"I wanted to take some pictures of you swimming," he said with a silly grin. Benny knew that was a lie.

"Why didn't you just ask me?" she said giving him a knuckle noogie on the head. "Or just join me in the water."

Benny rubbed Blazer's small chest. "I got scared." he said swimming away. She swam over to him.

"I couldn't take my eyes off you." Blazer said with a sigh.

"Floating in the water like that was unfair," he said "I lost my footing."

Benny gave him a hug "All's fair in love and war," she said.

She kissed his furry wet cheek.


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