Best Aternatives To Comitting Suicide

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Researches has shown that every death that is been committed to day, almost 200 individuals have made series of attempt, while more than 300 people have the mind to commit suicide.

Remember your families and all those who care`s about you

change situations, in life is constant and so the life you suffer now can naturally change for the better tomorrow. The suicide mission people embark on today, is called constant solution to lie worries. Yes there are distressing conditions in life, worries about fees, about employment, about shelter, about marriage, about injustice, about a better future etc. the list goes on and on.

People may tells you, that your condition is beyond solution. Believe it or not naturally condition do change. Sometimes, it seems all hope lost that there is no way for you to tackle the current pressures of life.

First, it is best to tackle your problems one at a time. Do not unnecessarily worry about what you can accomplish today. Leave the desire of tomorrow till the next day to handle. Each day has his anxiety to care for.

When the situations cannot on its own goes away or at the cannot change? Let say, serious illness, death of a love one, divorce, all these are real and practical issues of life that may take even an entire life to overcome.

In such cases, it is your appearance positively inside that will keep you surviving. Take it as it is. You cannot and will not change what has happen, you cannot raise the dead, you cannot marry a divorce person back, you cannot bring back destroyed materials burnt in fire. View things from real outlook, the positive point of view. They are gone, and are gone. You can only and only cope with the present situations.

You cannot move a mountain in one day, one at a time take a step.
Life obstacle cannot be treated one day.

Talk to a person you know that cares about, or a friend that is so close to you. There is always a help in form of prayer, people who love you,and also experts about that particular problems.

Always know that, there is hope, light at the end of the tunnel. God is always there for you.

said, T.Moses.


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