Best Ways to Memorize Definitions

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The article describes various exercises for better material retention.

Best Ways to Memorize Definitions

Remember all the vocab quizzes you had to take in middle school? We’ve all had them, and most of us have had more than one class with the silly things. Sadly, vocab quizzes don’t go away when you get into college. They just get harder to take.If you’re having trouble the definitions for your online bachelors degree, the tips below should help you remember the information a little better.
Flash Cards
Good old flash cards work wonders for some students. I’m not a huge fan of them, but that’s just because I’m too lazy to write out 50 flash cards when I have a list right in a book. Nevertheless, you could give flash cards a try. All you need is a set of index cards and a pen. Write the word on one side of a card and its definition on the other. When you have the whole list on your index cards, you can go through the words and try to say each definition. Flip it over to see if you’re right. Then you can pat yourself on the back, do a touchdown dance, or just scream, “Woohoo! I’m awesome!” I’ll leave that up to you.
Sentence Usage
Using words in a sentence makes them easier to remember because then you have something to relate to the overall concept of the word. Sentence usage is usually much more effective than word for word memorization, and it helps you apply what you’re learning to life, rather than just using it to get through class. Just try to think about a way to work the word into something that you will clearly remember. This won’t work for every class, but it should work for some.
The 8 Time Rule
The theory is that using a word eight times will make it a permanent part of your vocabulary. Thus if you can, try to work a word into conversation eight different times to get it in your mind. I learned the word “sporadic” from a scene in the movie Clueless because I was a corny little girl that watched that movie over and over again as a kid. I repeated lines from the scenes with my cousins all the time, and the word eventually became a part of my vocabulary. The theory works people. It works.
Definition to Word, Word to Definition
Switch from learning the words and saying the definitions to reading the definitions and saying the words. By learning vocabulary from both angles like this, you have a better chance of understanding the concept as a whole. You don’t know which part the professor will ask for in a quiz or exam, so it’s best to be prepared for anything.
As dreadful as learning vocabulary is, you have to understand that it’s for your own good. The more words you know, the more intelligent you sound when you speak. That could land you a well-paying job in the future. Try your best to learn the definitions, no matter how hard they may be for you. You’ll be proud of yourself for it in the end.


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