Best wishes

Rathnashikamani By Rathnashikamani, 22nd Feb 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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I pray for the eternal world peace. All of you are my soulmates.

Best wishes

Let these words go across the worlds
and change those minds that cross swords.

Let these words surpass the time,
lighting the dark ways eternally sublime.

Let these words explode in silence,
attain strength and speak with essence.

Let these words be a wishful thinking
taking roots deep into universal making.

Let these words vibrate from cores of hearts
and join the rhythm of Nature, never to depart.

Let these words chant the hymns of all ages
and becalm the storming Heart that rages.

Let these words turn all conflicts into results
of humane intention, sailing us through starry vaults.

Let these words make way for immense space
and unite all pieces into one spiritual Peace.

Let these words become a prayer
And bring peace to stay forever.

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author avatar Cutierose from YA!
9th Mar 2011 (#)

what a nice poem !!
you really have a very good way of writing !!

Best Wishes :D

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author avatar Cutierose from YA!
9th Mar 2011 (#)

what a nice poem !!
you really have a very good way of writing !!

Best Wishes :D

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
10th Mar 2011 (#)


Thank you for your kind words.

And I wish the best.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
30th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes Rathnashikamani!!! Can I call you Ratna (which means Jewel)???

The Voice of Nature

With anthems resonating from the heart,
And the drums of the sea now playing part.
The Winds of Change have started to blow,
As the world now awakes to this magical Glow.

With music rustling through the leaves,
With resplendent looks no one believes.
The echoes of the past embedded in rocks,
That experience of lifetimes feeding stocks.

For she is pretty and beyond compare,
No can touch her, no one can dare.
But she is plundered and raided by all around,
Its her iconic image that does us surround.

With jewels and adorning he hardened neck,
And layers covering just every speck.
To find them out you have to dig in deep,
But once in a way she lets it seep.

She cries silently for the pain around,
The hopes and joys that does surround.
From the Heart of the Sea she shows of her pearl,
In an open shell she does now unfurl.

For in her Pearl she instilled the best,
To help her rise above the rest.
She holds he gently in her dear arms,
And shields her gently from All harms.

For through waterfalls like flowing veils,
She gave her as bride the Holy grails.
To be welcomed home by the one with sword,
Who sat and listened to just every word.

With winds of change and skies so blue,
He blushes her face with myriad of hue.
Throws roses at her each break of Dawn,
Saying arise my dear its now early morn.

Who is like God has now chosen to alight,
To be the anthem on ground and first flight.
Holding his bride tight and in his arms,
He shields her from danger and all storms.

For never ever did she tell just who she was,
Braced herself alone for all wars.
Kept it quiet as she grew strong each day,
And like lantern opened up to show all the way.

Guiding and guarding the man with sword,
Listening to everything just word for word.
As he moved heaven and Earth for her,
Built her up and let her feelings stir.

Drawing Rainbows upon Nature's Girl,
Making her life meaningful and surreal.
Bringing back all the love that was in her heart,
He came and touched her never to part.

For thats the Colours of the wind,
Blowing away just every wind.
Whistling through branches on a bough,
As Nature's Girl in love to all did bow.

For She was calm, is and forever shall be,
The Song of Nature singing all for free.
All for the Angel that touched her heart,
Always forever never ever to part.

By Anisha Achankunju (Lady Aiyanna) (C) 31st March 2012

Its a reference to Mother Nature holding Nature's Pearl and giving her hand away as bride to the man who wove rainbows in the sky and blew the winds of change into her existence thereby making her the Nature's Girl who guides him as he works to protect her through all harms....
Thank you Ratna, its one of my best birthday wishes apart from my little son who drew me a card.... :-)

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