Bethlehem, Rhapsody and Beauty

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This is my travel to Bethlehem and how I got re-connected to God

A story of finding peace and answered prayers

Bethlehem, Rhapsody and Beauty
A story of finding peace and answered prayers.

I think it is best to start this story like most things start with birth.
My friends were expecting a baby girl, Iris sky, a wonderful name, and I wanted to be there the day of her birth, so when word came to me that she might be born soon,
I made my plans to travel to Bethlehem where they stay, and wow what a breath taking beauty we have in our country.

Before I continue you have to understand my mind set before I went.
I am well what you would call a dreamer I believe that we can do anything and we as humans can achieve our dreams no matter how farfetched it might feel, so I am traveling on this journey of perusing my dreams and the one part is to be a writer/poet.
The path to your dreams is not an easy one and I am experiencing the struggles of not living life the “conventional way” going against the grain of how we are taught and sometimes forced to live, but let me not rant about how I feel our youth is sometimes are set up for failure. This story is all about finding peace and how God never leaves us even if the odds is stacked up against us.
Now I am in the pursuit of this dream but life as it often does, brought a storm to my soul I felt so restless uncomfortable and drowning, every interaction with anyone felt too much and draining even with friends life at that point was a turbulent ocean and I felt like I was barely getting my breath back.

Back to the beginning while on my way to Bethlehem driving with my friends (they were in Pretoria for a wedding so after the wedding they picked me up and we drove to their home.) we were met with this soothing rain a rain that was calm and refreshing, as if the rain was a symbol for the storm calming down bringing new life as if the rain wanted to wash me clean of all the stress and tension. We arrived early Sunday morning, while our biological clock is out of routine we went to sleep while the sun was raising.
Later that afternoon I walked around and I could feel as if here everything moved that bit slower.
Breathing was easier my lounges could fill with more air, it’s as if that bit of extra oxygen could make me think more clearly more focused, I found a tree stump to sit on I could look out on this farm and see the horses gallop the cows graze and sometimes when they could trust me walk past me and I could put my hand on them.
I quickly fell in love with the horses, out of the two there was one who came to the fence as if asking me to touch her without knowing her name I called her beautiful.
I spent hours on that stump reading ALEPH by Paulo Coelho sitting writing poetry actually I was preparing for an open mic that Friday, sitting on that stump talking to God about my life and how I want more about how I feel that my dreams might be slipping away.
Honestly all I am explaining now well some of it I only realise after thinking back some of these things happened on a subconscious level.

The days went by in the same way, climb on what I now call my stump read prayed and wrote.
Afternoons made food took a blanket outside had myself a picnic prayed till I fall asleep woke up wrote some more read some more had conversations with beautiful spend time with friends had deep conversations with them as they are the people who I allow to have input in my life.
This was a daily thing.
Thursday crept up on me as it was supposed to be my last day there I decided to walk in to town and just experience this hidden gem with in South Africa and wow I breathed her in and she breathed out.
Walking has always done me good, but this day was exceptional, it’s as every step I took, I was planting myself in to her soil I became rooted centred, I could grow and bear fruit again.
I sat and drank some coffee trying to finish this poem about forgiving oneself and I just felt unsatisfied and it felt empty I started to experience writers block again, I guess it was the realisation that I had to go back in to my chaos the next day so after sitting there a while listening to Bon Iver I walked back home and my writers mind exploded in to an flurry of words in to books of sentences each step was writing for me each step was a sentence to be explored as soon as I got home I had to write every word down and I am happy to say every single word was used in that poem. The poem was complete, but God was far from done with me.

That evening we decide only to drive back Saturday when the have a wedding again.
I missed my performance but found myself again.
Friday the owner of the place asked if I would like to ride the horse obviously I said yes hoping it would be beautiful, but I did not mind either way.
He went in to the stable and spoke to them he called for Rhapsody and told the other horse “Beauty you stay.”
I felt a weird kind of pride to have had her name almost right even though I did not attempt to guess, just knowing to have called her by what I experienced which was beauty, I was close to right but no wonder she spent time with me I was calling her the hole time.
I was excited to make a new friendship a new bond now with Rhapsody.
I spent hours on her, recite my poem telling her about my experience in Bethlehem, talking about my fears of going back of not living of dining the death, of not living ones calling, ones dream, a death so many has died of already.
Breathing corpses living an existence and not experiencing a life a breathless beauty-filled world with sun sets and sun raises and rain.
After my time on Rhapsody I sat at my tree stump reading my book, a lady came driving in and past me she spoke to me, asking how do I get it right to look so peaceful? I laughed and surged it off but she said again “you looked so peaceful sitting there I wish I was you”
I could not believe it I was experiencing this relentless storm I felt so uncomfortable and from asking every day to the Lord give me peace, then without even knowing I found it and not only did I find it my spirit exude it on such a level that a woman driving past me could experience it.

Now thinking back when she asked me how do I get it right to look and be peaceful I should of answered spend some quite time with yourself and most important ask God to give you peace trust me it sneaks up on you.

Well let me end this with how it all starts with birth/rebirth, I want to say thank you firstly to Iris Sky you do not know it but you brought a restless soul to peace you brought a man seeking closer to God again as an ever building relationship with its ups and downs you brought us back up.
Thank you Summer Thomas and Bernard for your friendships the words shared the time spent for the love.
Thank you Rhapsody and Beauty.
Thank you reader I hope this story inspires to seek yourself to love yourself to find yourself with in the loving hands of God.
South Africans we have such a beautiful country God speaks in its nature don’t be afraid to explore.
Thank you God.


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