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People betray us sometimes.. What happens when you feel betrayed by yourself?


O, treacherous Trust, with your eyes so roving,
Leave me this time, I need you no more-
O, heartless Trust, the greatest betrayer, my heart is mourning-
What other horrors for me do you have in store?

O, cruel Trust, why are you so beguile?
Trapping the fool that I have become...
O, mindlessly brutal Trust, the Satan of this while,
Why did you lead me to do what I have done?

O, pitiless Trust, my ally, and my bitter foe,
Teaching me to love, yet pushing far away-
O, reckless Trust, I'm gullible, you well know,
Yet, you turn your back on an unexpected day.

O, painful Trust, you build me and destroy-
The heart aches and I bury the pain...
O, childish Trust, with my heart you toy,
Yet I leave you open, with no cause to feign.

O, sorrowless Trust, why do you betray me thus?
I seek solace in you, from time to time-
O, destructive Trust, my heart breaks, it really does-
Yet, to please your soulless self, I find myself trying.

Goodbye, worthless Trust, in you I lost all faith
You let me down each time I try -
Goodbye, Trust, you're the one I hate,
For getting me down each time.


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I've always been an avid reader, and have found my expression through words, because after all, the pen is mightier than the sword (and of course, I can't really lift a sword, I'm too small for one)

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Oct 2013 (#)

intersting poem and thougts. nice indeed!

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