Beware Of The Horrible Tandem

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A working environment is one imperative feature to deem by the boss and the rest of the employees. A harmonious relationship among the workers is very essential. But in this story you will learn how to keep distance and save your trust.

The Tandem

Their crowd appeared angels in disguise, but when unmasked were evils with horns and tails. The people were amazed how they managed to spread ghastly rumors inside out the company in a matter of a lightning speed. No wonder their phones were always busy. The people were shocked how they fabricated stories and comments. From a simple sentence they could draw a huge story out of the context. Ideally highly imaginative, but had used their talents in a wrong way. It wasn’t pride and prejudice that they practiced, but characters that made them unique. Too bad for their former friend whom they left on air. By the time she was on the tip of hell, she was pushed by them which made her banned from different companies by the verdict of the boss.

Craig, a married guy of his 50s with kids from different women, was somehow keeping women in the company attracted by him and that included Lorraine. There was a time when Lorraine’s mobile phone was left on her table. Her colleague who sat on her seat to use the PC for a moment noticed the blink from her phone and caught her attention. Unintentionally, she was able to read the message and thought, “Oh my goodness! This couldn’t be true.” He was famous for his position and respected by many, but disliked by those who knew his real personality. He was a pervert that always hunted women of different ages. He even secretly had another relationship with an employee from another department. Yesha, after few months of dates with him, had quite many changes in her body figure. People had noticed it and thought of her as pregnant. Hunches were everywhere, but both of them knew how to play the game at the work place. Craig was the type of guy who was good of taming women with his flowery words.

Lorraine who fell for him also got crazy over him. Since she was filled of frustrations for her boyfriend left her and was already about to start a family with another woman, she enjoyed playing with him. Lorraine was a chubby woman of her late 20s. She failed from her past relationship and was filled of frustrations in life. Her mouth was like Craig’s that was filled of sarcasm, rumors, and enormous judgments to many people. There was never a day that they didn’t talk about any person in the company.

It was only a day for them to wait; the day when the bombs they were holding would explode like their former friend’s. Only few had found out their undercards. Only few had learned to keep distance. Those few were the ones who were victimized. Ruined relationships, stained reputation, and fired by the people on higher positions. If only their boss would find out whom they tackled most of the time. They started stupid issues regarding the unacceptable affair of their boss who was married and his right hand who was about to get married. They didn’t have empathy or sympathy for as long as they could work there and enjoy themselves with rumors and hurt emotions from people, they would be satisfied.

Unbelievable but true how they could manage to go as horrible tandem that ruined lives, aspirations, and goals of others. Their approach was to start a mess and get back to people on their list like a scorpion that secretly bit. If one was too innocent, it wouldn’t work with them. What drove them crazy may be the common crab mentality. But what people must bear in mind while meeting them was to keep distance and never trust at all.


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