Big Oil And The Big Rip Off

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While we think everything is well with America, there are powers that be who are eating away our lands and resources, using and damaging our pristine wilderness. Fauna and flora are fair game in the name of profit and so are the lives of anyone who dares stand in the way.

The Truth About Oil Companies

There Is Hope...
There are hundreds of thousands of oil pipelines running through pristine and ecologically sensitive lands and waterways, we woke up one morning and there they were. Quietly and insidiously these greedy oil CEO's have wrapped our earth with ribbons of metal pipes encasing rushing black gook. It happened while we were sleeping, because every move these people and their lawyers make is in the dead of night, in the wee hours of the morning, before the birds rise. Birds, bears, wild animals of every species live in Yellowstone, but now many may also die to soon in Yellowstone. This environmental disaster in Montana has spilled an estimated 42,000 gallons of oil into the Yellowstone River. It has caused unimaginable and immeasurable damage and misery no only to wildlife but to the people that live along that river.
The sickening and overwhelming smell of raw oil can choke and sicken the system. If you cannot breath clean fresh air for a prolonged period of time, there may be serious health issues later. Many people in the area of the spill are in such a predicament. The pipeline burst and there is still no information as to why.
There are definitely problems with the infrastructure or the work methodology in place by Exxon Mobile and other Oil Drilling Companies. The U.S. DOT which oversees oil pipelines, had already reported to Exxon since last July that they were in violation of 7 safety codes on the Silvertip, which is the pipeline that runs through Yellowstone. Oil pipelines are wrought with problems, yet Oil Companies keep insisting in business as usual. Montana is not new to shoddy management of pipelines by these Corporate opportunists. Exxon's Yellowstone pipeline has leaked hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil, 71 different times in it's 55 years of operation. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline that carries oil from Alaska's North Slope to the Port of Valdez was temporarily shut down after it sprung a leak. Another incident happened at TransCanada's Keystone pipeline. Leaks are also a chronic problem in Louisiana.
According to the Bucket Brigade, an environmental advocacy group, reported that a year before the BP disaster there were 3,600 oil spills in Louisiana and many of them involved pipelines running through ecologically sensitive coastal wetlands.
How do we stop these people? Let's take a lesson from Tim DeChristopher. Take a stand, unite and come together in a peaceful protest. Stand with Tim on July 26, 2011 by showing up in front of your local courthouses and protest his sentencing, protest the pillaging of our lands by Big Oil. On that day Tim DeChristopher will face a judge for daring to stand up against Big Oil. Because of him we can see that Big Oil doesn't have to win all the time. Because of Tim we see that there is hope. Now all we need are more Tims. Please read his story by going to these websites:
UPDATE: A segment from Tim's supporters'
Consider this your call to action. Consider this the spark that will ignite this movement. Our hearts are broken today, because we see a charismatic, bright, concerned man who cares for the future of the next generation, be incarcerated in federal prison and treated like a criminal. If there was ever a day, if there was ever a moment in history for us to stand for climate justice, this is that moment. And we will not stop, we will not be intimidated, and we will not be deterred in our plight for climate justice. We demand today and tomorrow a healthy and just world for our children and for our children’s children. And we will not stop until the real criminals–the fossil fuel industry that is raping and pillaging our planet–be held accountable. I ask as a personal favor that we do not let this sacrifice, the sacrifice that Tim DeChristopher’s willing to make, the fact that he has never given up on his convictions, and the fact that he has never backed down–that we do not let that sacrifice go unnoticed, that we do not let that sacrifice go without a response. I ask every one of you, what is Your commitment?


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
9th Oct 2011 (#)

Great article, silverangel33. Where is the media here? Most of us had no knowledge of this. Thanks for bringing it to people's attention.

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author avatar silverangel33
9th Oct 2011 (#)

The media is busy covering the teaparty and such things that are more to the benefit of their corporate cronies. Thanks for reading my work, I look forward to reading yours Steve.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
9th Nov 2011 (#)

This is a debatable point as ecology and progress are often at conflict. Unless we have these pipelines and other items you mentioned, we will continue to live like people in medieval ages. These are signs of progress and we must have progress as the population is now 7 billion.

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