Billions stood before The Great House of The One.

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The Heaven of the first world age was as troubled as the earth today - for there is nothing new under the sun

Billions stood before The Great House of The One.

Billions stood before The Great House of The One. There were no dimensional shifts; it was pushing shoulder-to-shoulder numbers. Luciah was in seclusion; damage control consisted of absolute silence. The minor media covered the breaking developments of this story for days, reporting the commonality and themes that remained strong - complete planetary outrage.
After two days, David, with the new seal of The One on his forehead, came out to address the angry sea of life. He stood glowing brightly at a gilded podium with hundreds of holographic cameras floating before his face, back grounded by the sparkling Great House of The One. This landmark event was televised worldwide by the minor media. His new robe of light glittered brightly.
David began to speak.
"Luciah has caused more suffering and pain than anyone in all the universes of The One. Yet, you walk by the red and black amongst you without saying a word. You tolerate this evil. You are sluggish to say anything that will be perceived intolerant - as if your Creator doesn't live right here with you. Where was your brotherhood and compassion? Where was your outrage against the homeless that languish without a roof over their spiritual heads? Where were your demonstrations against this betrayal that turned our world upside down? Where was your outrage when billions of our brothers walked down the path of death? Where was your outrage as our family was divided by race, rather than united by the love of their Creator? Where was your outrage when they took over entire nations? Where was your outrage when they spiritually slaughtered those who have been your brothers for all your backward eternities? And you stand here now demanding justice from The One over the death of some meaningless animals?
"I say to you these creatures slaughtered are nothing compared to one solitary number of life. Don't you care even a little bit about our family and your deceived brothers, the lost brotherhood, or the insane rush of our society to the bottom? Aren't we all numbers of life? Don't we all breathe the same air? The increasing normalization of perversion hasn't moved anyone to demand justice from The One. And yet, you demonstrate seeking his help over the meaningless. The sum of all the creatures in the grand universes is nothing when weighed on the scales with one number of life - they are less than the weight of a feather to The One. Don't you understand how precious and priceless you are? How long will the enemy-manufactured self-hatred persist, thinking everything is noble and glorious except what you see in the mirror?
"And of the intelligent cancer destroying this society, there was no massive anything. Where was your outrage at the drugs that are destroying your brothers? You don't even care that our government manufactures it to keep them trapped, and to beguile your family whom you claim to love away from The One. You see your brothers falling into the dust and you yawn. You stand here measuring life by the yardstick of death; if that is the case, life has no value. Life is measured by the love of The One; all other measurements are deceptions of the enemy. And now you stand here angry with tears in your eyes over brontosaurs? If you would have done this in the beginning, it may have moved The One to act strongly against this cancer. But you did nothing, but debate, tolerate, act helpless, and grudgingly accept.
"You seem to forget only days, and I repeat, only days after the Great Embrace, one billion of your brother walked into the jaws of hell. Where were your great demonstrations around this diamond tetrahedral then? When they took over the major media and fed you unrelenting lies designed to separate, hurt us and deceive us - you watched it. And when they marched through the institutions changing the very fabric of our society and beliefs, you accepted it, discussing the pervasive perversion from the sidelines hoping it wouldn't touch you. They took over the government and you voted for them. They changed your society into something evil as perversion stood tall and morality bit the dust, and you complained about it. And when billions of our brothers fell into deception, you yawned.
"This Culture of Death has deceived all into believing its purpose is a better life and more freedoms. From the beginning, all enemies were manufactured to accelerate and consolidate power over all numbers of life. What enemy does evil have? The only answer is God. There is no terror except in your mind. Their purpose is to intimidate you into surrendering your God given freedoms existing since your construction. And for some reason you admire him, not realizing he wants to enslave you in the name of freedom. Misinformation is swallowed as easily as water, while The One is constantly vilified, and for some reason you are unable to discern their evil goals that are right in your face. Luciah desires all Heaven to go into the dust of the earth, by denying the same truth he jealously possesses and guards. Yet, you cannot see the glaring hypocrisy.
"They see in vibrant color while presenting nothing but black and white to you. This battle is for the hearts and minds of all Heaven for against all odds, they believe in their cause and their Luciah, ignoring the fact The One is Lord of All. Their agenda is your eternal death through spiritual starvation, homelessness, poverty, and perversion. You think you have choices; the choices are two sides of the same coin - tweedle-dee or tweedle-dum. The presented choices are of the same addenda - your spiritual death and enslavement. Even our music has been corrupted, designed, and purposed for escalating perversion and deescalating morality. Your intentions support what you should abhor. Your leaders are like children having the wisdom of the owl; evil squared while publicly pretending to be like you, but you ignore their attempted normalization of all The One hates. You stupidly refuse to test their fruits - you refuse to analyze anything too deeply. Can't you see this? You have become part of the system, for without your complicity and acceptance it could never exist. That is why deception and propaganda is the cornerstone of all its operation and why the major media is the backbone of its structure.
"Yet you stand here for days shedding tears over animals that are nothing compared to your brothers. The circle of life instinctively possesses the full knowledge you despise. Creation knows the truth you have ignored and now want to test; there is no life without The One. You should be totally striving with The One, hating what he hates and loving what he loves, for he is the possessor of your very breaths."
David was trembling with great anger, his face glowing brightly. The sea of life shifted uncomfortably.
"I don't know why I have to reiterate the obvious - there is no life more precious than numeric life. You have minimized your brothers and yourselves not realizing they will come next for you. Do you really think this is an animal planet? You have turned your backs on the deceived, helpless, the spiritually poor and starving, for you've said in your hearts - Thank God, I am not like them. By your collective lack of action, billions of your brothers have fallen to the Evil One. Yet, there has been no boycott of the major media, no withdrawal of support for it. Many standing here still faithfully watch the garbage it spews falsely thinking it will not affect or change them. But life goes on as you accept and rationalize these horrible changes, saying to yourself - I am safe in the eyes of The One, I don't do those things.
"But all have slowly become entrapped by the sticky mire of tolerance and relativism. You think because you are moral, go to the Structures of The One, and trying - somehow you are okay. But your leadership is corrupt; feeding you the gospel of death as you sit nodding is some spiritual corner with the 'I love The One' button pinned on your chest. Your leaders are maliciously sowing death to billions, yet you feel helpless and intimidated against saying anything against them. You care more about what the system thinks of you than your Creator who lives right here behind me.
"But I tell you today, Luciah will surely come for you. Look to your right and to those at your left. You will not care, as long as they aren't coming for you. You hypocrites this is not the way a loving family acts. And not only do we have to love each other, we have to act like it; anything less is betrayal to our Father and family. Don't you care about the number standing right next to you? Why are you social loners in a world that should be brimming over with brotherhood? It's not as if we are strangers, we know each other intimately, know each other's names, and have stood shoulder-to-shoulder breathing together from the moment of the Great Construction. For what happened in the wilderness pales to the horror under your very noses. You are deaf, blind, stupid, not caring, and deserving of the grand plans, which Luciah has for each and every one of you."
David shifted slightly, seething brightly with wrath. As a mouse cornered by a deadly snake, all stood hypnotized by the unexpected.
"You cringe before the constructed lion not realizing he is terrified of you. By your inaction, you have allowed evil not only to thrive, but also to grow and flourish with impunity, wax strong, and leave you second-class citizens in the universe The One created for the just. What kind of peoples are you? You collectively cannot be of The One when you accept and give suck to what the One absolutely hates. This is the abuse and the self-deception you heap to your detriment on your own souls. And because of this nature, in a future you cannot imagine, you will pray for mountains to fall on you rather than face the mirror of your indifference and ignorance, to that your Creator deems priceless.
"You cannot half-love your brothers or The One. If not for the grace of The One, all of you would have already lost what The One gave to you in love - the very breaths you take for granted."
And with those words, David turned angrily and walked back into The Great House of The One. There wasn't one sound. Billions stood with their mouths wide open, shocked at David's absolute fury. The minor press transmitted twenty seconds of silence as shocked reporters struggled for something to say. There was no rebuttal to this. Sadly, it went in one ear and came out the other. Like sheep, the numbers of life continued to herd together in the face of the wolves hoping they would not eat them, but their neighbor. They never once considered the shepherd who stood amongst them.
The major media that refused to cover his speech did report what David said. "David snubs the whole" was the global theme. They reported freewill was discriminatory, non-inclusive, and intolerant producing class envy and hatred. It divided the whole as Luciah predicted into two polarized classes, the loved more and the loved less - the spiritual bourgeois and the proletariat. This inequity could only be addressed by the communing of the brotherhood. Overtime this 'communing' vernacular morphed to communism. It was a one-world system with Luciah in charge where all were loved equally. The talking heads analyzed and discussed this concept for fifteen cycles, saturating the planet with this spin, glorifying the concept of the brotherhood and numeric correctness. They discussed there was something intrinsically unfair and unequal, and the only way it could be rectified was through the brotherhood where all numbers were spiritually equal.
They quickly dubbed David's words as hate speech, being divisive and offensive. And they promised those who joined the brotherhood, would find the love and equality unheard of in the unfair system of The One. Communism's singular purpose was complete control of every aspect of society. It mirrored the government of The One except with an insidious twist; numbers were incapable of possessing the agape love of The One. And without great love, great power became evil and intrinsically brutal. In the future, this governmental system would seek to control everything, from education, to how children were raised, to what one could say, think, and believe. They sought complete social and political control by reversing the roles of the majority and minority, so that the minority would rule the majority. The common thread Luciah weaved from top to bottom was perversion and denying their Creator. They forced these two religious concepts, deceptively called secularism and numberism by any means necessary onto the populaces they falsely claimed to represent. This governmental system and ideology would destroy and enslave millions of souls in a new circle of life construction. It operated with brutal oppression and flourished strong under many disguises until the last universes.
Eight hundred million joined the brotherhood. The brotherhood now held over one third of all Heaven in its grip - another third the Ambivalent and Moderates. Luciah's rampage was spinned into something good for exposing the hypocrisy of The One. It seemed no matter what Luciah did, membership increased. It confirmed The Bear Defecating in the Woods Theorem Jessah previously predicted.
The Moderates were lost in a social masquerade. They never participated in the joy of self, but their inaction of taking a moral stand was putrid in the nostrils of The One. By their inaction, they minimized and made void the concept of brotherhood by allowing evil to flourish by ignoring and adjusting to the societal changes, and being part of the system by proxy. They failed miserably to realize there is no common ground with evil - for a little leaven truly rises the whole loaf. And because they glorified assimilation, the greatest born in the circle of life would say, I know your deeds are neither hot nor cold; I wish you were either one or the other. So because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.
Over the next fifty cycles, the remaining of the brotherhood moved off-world. Millions of crafts had already left; some stayed within the solar system, but most reached far into the known universes settling in cities on far planet outposts. They spread over the home solar system like locusts creating a budding federation of planets subservient to Luciah.
Luciah and his Illuminated elite were inordinately concerned about the next Gathering and were apprehensive about what The One would do. Gatherings were beyond number control, which increased stress about being in The Great House of The One again. No one wanted to attend. Regardless of Luciah's incessant brainstorming sessions, his leadership was unable to ascertain The One's intentions.
There was an internal sigh of relief throughout Terra as the brotherhood left Heaven. But things were still far from normal, for many still struggled with the drugs, liquor, and the joy of self.
All trembled at the thought of the approaching Gathering. They were adamant to make the best life they could, living for the present, and wishing for the best. And for over the remaining cycles, they lived life uproariously. For though they knew their leader was sentenced to death, they dismissed as meaningless whatever The One planned for them. If they knew, maybe they would not have acted as if there were no tomorrows - for the natural fear of consequences is the first step to spiritual maturity.

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