Billy’s Bag of Lego Bricks

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“Hello children, how are you today?” “My name is…er, well, no I won’t tell you just yet. That’s going to be a big surprise at the end of today’s story.”

Billy’s Bag of Lego Bricks

“Hello children, how are you today?” “My name is…er, well, no I won’t tell you just yet. That’s going to be a big surprise at the end of today’s story.” “Now, what I would like is that all you boys and girls sit on the floor cross-legged. Sit close to one another in one group. There, that’s alot better. Alright, so now we are all seated comfortably, I will begin my story.” “That’s right children; I’m a story teller and my name is…well, no not yet. I’m afraid you will all have to wait until the end of my story which is called ‘Billy’s bag of lego bricks”

Billy had just turned nine yesterday on his birthday but he did not get the gift he wanted. He sat in his room feeling very upset and restless. His parents had bought him yet another jigsaw puzzle. He got jigsaw puzzles every year. Last year was Bugs Bunny and this time was Tom and Jerry.
“Billy, come down darling, Your chips and beans are ready!” Called out Billy’s mother, Estherina.
“I’m not hungry, mother. I just want to be left alone.” Estherina turned to Sermonte’ who was Billy’s father.
“Billy, your mother’s calling you. Be a good boy and come down for your lunch.” Billy stamped his feet on the floor, annoyed, and came down and sat in-between his parents at the table.
“Billy, what’s the matter, darling?” Asked his mother, stroking his hair back with her hands, softly.
Billy broke down in tears and leaned forwards on the table, folding his arms and cupped his face, sobbing.
Esthterina’s eyes filled with tears, but she did not cry. She knew that Billy would be even more upset if he saw his mother crying. She turned to Sermonte’ and said,
“There’s only one solution now. We have to take Billy out to the new toy store. He can choose a different birthday gift. Anything he likes” Suddenly, Billy looked up and a great big smile formed across his face. He hugged his mother tightly.
“Oh Mother, I love you so much. Only you understand my feelings.” Billy’s father coughed.
“Er,…I think you.”
“Sshh!!” Said Estherina, cutting his words. “Sermonte’ go and get dressed. You’re going to the toy shopright now with Billy.”
“Oh yes!!!” Said Billy, after which he ran upstairs to his room and found some pocket moneyto take along.
“There’s no need for that, Billy.” Said his father. “It’s my responsibility to buy you anything you like.” And so, Billy and his father held hands and made their way down the street to the new toy store.
Once inside, Billy’s eyes widened at the sheer size of the place.
“Wow! Look father, it’s so big in here. And…and look at all those toys. Have you ever seen so many toys, father?” Sermonte’ smiled and nodded.
“Never!” “This is a dreamland for all the children.” The store was not so busy which went in their favour. There would be no waiting for a start.
“Alright, Billy. I’ll sit and wait here while you look around.”
“No father, I want us both to look around. You are my best friend too. I love you.” Billy’s father’s eyes filled with joy and happiness. He couldn’t resist and gave Billy a kiss on his lefy cheek.
“Alright Billy, or shall I call you pardner?”
“That’s cool, pardner!” They both giggled and began their tour. It took a very long time because there were so many toys. Even Billy’s father got carried away and began to take interest. He saw a large brown robot with silver eyes.
“Mr Zerox. And he fires red sparks from his chest unit guns.” Billy giggled and tugged his father’s left sleeve as one of the shop assistants appeared.
“Are you buying it?” He asked.
“Er no, I was just looking.” The shopkeeper pointed to a board by the main door. Sermonte’ read it.
“Please do not touch the toys. They are showroom property. Ask at the counter.” Sermonte’ gave a nervous smile and shrugged, placing the robot back.
“Oops, sorry!” The shop assistant gave his a stare and walked off.
Two hours later, Billy began to feel tired walking around and fell asleep. His father carried him in his arms. He continued to look around for a while and then left back to his home.
Once back, Estherina opened the door and saw Billy across Sermonte’s right shoulder, in deep sleep.
“Here, I’ll tuck him up to bed, poor darling.” Once Billy’s mother had placed him in bed, leaving his door slightly open and the blue snow lights on, she went downstairs and asked Sermonte’
“Well, did you take Billy to the new toy store?”
“I did indeed. But there were so many toys there that we lost track of time and Billy got tired and fell asleep and…”
“Sshh!” She replied. “I’m going there right now. I have to buy Billy a new birthday gift.”
“Estherina, there’s really no need. I don’t think it’s a good idea because it’s getting dark!” Too late. Estherina had left.
The following day, Billy awoke to find himself in bed in his pyjama suit. He rubbed his eyes and as he sat up, he saw a very beautiful packet with ribbons on it, placed by his door side.
“Hey! Is that for me!?”
“Yes!” Called out both Billy’s parents. Billy rushed up to it and ripped the packing.
“Oh wow! I can’t believe it. This is what I wanted all these years. A bag of lego bricks! It must have cost a fortuned!” He said, turning to his parents.
“You’re worth it, darling. Happy Birthday!” And so, after that day, Billy put his jigsaws to one side and spent his spare time building all kinds of things with his new gift, a bag of lego bricks.
“Well children, you can get up now if you want to. I hope you enjoyed my story. Oh, I do apologise. I haven’t told you who I am, have I? Well, now I will. My name is,well, let's just say I'm one of Santa's helpers. Goodnight children, and don't forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed. Until next time, sweet dreams!”
The End.


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