Biting the dust. Literally.

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Open wide! Here comes the earthworks machine! Yuuummmy!

Biting the dust

Ah, how we all play together, Harrison, myself, and today little Hazel, our cousin, is here too.

But, oh dear, how quickly things can turn sour between children. Now there's an atmosphere of fighting.

Years ago Mother had started a big vegetable garden on the side of the front yard. In it there also stands a tree with blue-gray leaves, and it is the biggest tree we know in the neighbourhood. Even though we are only small children, Harrison and I have been climbing really high up in it ever since we were little (we were Mother's third and fourth child, so I suppose as it is parents allow their later children more freedom to do things, as they don't have the strength left to enforce strict rules as they might have had with their first children).

Hazel has climbed up really high into it, and now he is spitting down on Harrison and me. We don't like this one bit. Pretty soon things have turned into a verbal fight, with Hazel spitting his slime down on us inamong all the off-color language he seems to be fluent in.

Usually Harrison and Hazel would team up against me, probably because they are closer the same age. But today, surprizingly Harrison and I are together in the "fight" against Hazel. Hazel is saying all the things he knows will push our buttons, and we get more agitated that he's doing that while sitting in our vegetable garden tree, a tree we've been deeming something majestic and sacred for years. We want him to get out of there.

Harrison starts throwing small clumps of soil up at Hazel, but Hazel is so high up it seems impossible for Harrison to frighten Hazel even slightly.

That does it! I pick up a big dry clump of soil and throw it straight up. Somehow I knew I would get him, even before I did.

The clump of soil fly straight up, right into Hazel's potty mouth.

Not sure if it broke to pieces in his mouth or what, but the next moment Hazel is spitting dust and ground. If we thought he was a dirty talker before, NOW he's really pissed! He tries to scream harsh things at us while trying to spit out all the dry soil and sand, but we don't even hear what he's saying as Harrison and I are laughing soooooooooo hard!!!

For years to come we would always recall the day I threw a lump of dirt up into Hazel's dirty mouth. One of our legends.


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