Black Beast Part Eight

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Things come to a head and Charles makes a decision.

On a side note: I apologise for taking soooo long to upload this part. The next part will be up by the first of December at the latest.

A Fateful Choice

Charles glances up at the waitress. He nods at her, and she goes fetch yet another cup of coffee. He frowns to himself and rubs his forehead in an attempt to stop a headache he feels coming on. The waitress returns with the coffee. He thanks her and she leaves. The steam curling up from the coffee mixes with the fog in his mind and he is back last night in the study he is meant to be guarding.

Charles ran to the desk, dropped to his knees, pulled the rug out of the way and saw the safe. He pulled a stethoscope out from under his Kevlar. He felt cold, and somehow a bunch of rock had found it's way into his stomach. “What are you doing?” he kept screaming to himself in his mind. He wouldn't listen and kept turning the dial until he heard a faint click. In a remarkably short time, he had the safe open. He grabbed the orange folder, and photographed the contents before slipping it back in its place and returning everything else to its former state. He reported the electrical fault with the camera and went on. Every second of the rest of his shift, he had expected klaxons to go off and red and blue lights to start flashing. He muddled through and somehow made it to quitting time. He drove home in a daze, and stumbled to his front door. While he was still turning the key in the lock, his cellphone rang.

“Hello, brother dearest. I hope you have what I need...” Duncan's voice was cold and menacing. “I have it. Where are you?” “Inside”

Charles had unlocked the door and just let it swing to. In the living room on the sofa sat Duncan. “So, where is it?” he asked. “I have it here, but you're not getting your filthy hands on it. I've been struggling with myself ever since this morning. What do I do about you? You have just made my decision easier.” With that Charles pulled a gun out of his backpack. The ominous sound of a cocking revolver could be heard. “I don't think you want to do that.” said Duncan, revolver in hand. “I'll have those photographs now” Charles walked towards Duncan. “Stop right there. Drop what I want on the floor next to you and back away.” Charles looked at his brother. Stared at him far a few seconds, then pulled the trigger...


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