Black Beast Part Five

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Part five of the series. Duncan betrays a possible weakness.

The Third (Wo)man

Charles picks up his coffee, sips meditatively. Still trying to sort through the wreckage of the last twenty four hours, he picks up the newspaper and does the crossword. Maybe that will help get his mind off things. First clue: English county that houses the largest marina in Europe. Charles thinks for a few minutes then shakes his head and writes down “Sussex.” So no help there then. Why bother fighting it? He sits back and let his mind wander.

Duncan smiled as Charles sat back down. “So, are you going to be reasonable and help me?”

“How am I supposed to get a cell in, or take photographs undetected?”

“Think of it as earning your commission. After all, I can't so everything. ”

Charles frowned in thought. The waitress came by and Duncan ordered more coffee.

“Wait a minute. There was something I meant to ask you. The postcards. There were three sets of handwriting.”

“Have you forgotten? I'm ambidextrous.”

“That still doesn't explain the third hand.” He grabbed his backpack and pulled out some of the postcards he'd been receiving.

“These two here, I can almost stretch to believing them written by the same person; but this one; this one is different.”

“That is not relevant now. What is relevant is your decision. Are you going to help me?”

“I don't seem to have a choice.”

“No, you don't”

Charles let out a heavy sigh “All right. How do you pick up your stuff afterwards?”

“Leave that to me. This is a don't call me, I'll call you type of deal.”

Duncan got up to leave.

“I just have one more question before you leave. Who is the girl?”

Duncan's reaction was strong but over quickly.

“You will never know. Enjoy the coffee.”

Duncan dropped some money on the table and the bell on the door tinkled as he left the building.

Charles thought quickly. Duncan had given himself away there. He had to make use of this opportunity if there was any hope at all of coming out of this unscathed. There could be two reasons why Duncan would react at the mentioning of the “third” person. Either he was surprised at Charles's guessing that she was a she, or he cared about her. It might also be possible that he himself knew her. There couldn't be that many women that both he and Duncan knew. They never really moved in the same circles. Whoever she was, she must have known about Duncan being "dead", unless he only met her afterwards. Maybe if he could figure out who she was, he could work on her to get himself out of this situation. Maybe he could get her to tell him where Duncan was keeping his leverage. If only he could get his hands on what was in his safe, things might still work out. But who was she, and how would he find her?


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