Black Beast Part Nine

Anja Thiede By Anja Thiede, 12th Dec 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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The final entry in this series. Charles comes to the end of his endless reflections.

How It All Came To An End

Charles sits, eyes glazed over in deep thought. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the map. The map that Duncan stole from his safe. It was simple, really. It was just a map that his dad found while tidying the attic once. He had always had a strange reaction to it. It seemed to him to collapse reality and suck him into another world. He could stare at it for hours at a time, and yet he had never really researched it. He had no idea where in the world it was, what it lead to, or how it came to rest in his old attic.

Duncan had always wanted the map as well. Mostly because he could see it meant something to Charles; but then Duncan had always been like that. Stealing the map from Charles used to be an obsession with him when they were young. It seemed to be the focus point for all the jealousy he felt towards him. Charles couldn't help but think, maybe if he had handled things differently when they were young, maybe he could have avoided...but it was too late for that.

As he holds it in his hand, Charles follows the lines and colours on the map with his eyes for the millionth time, as his mind just drifts away.

Everything in his living room was dark. Charles's eyes had still not completely adjusted to the lack of light. His ears were still ringing with the shot. He couldn't believe he had done it. He walked toward the chair Duncan had been sitting in, and switched on the standing lamp that stood next to it.

Duncan lay there. The blood red chrysanthemum on his chest was spreading rapidly. Charles grabbed his jacket and put pressure on the wound. It was only then that he noticed that he himself was also bleeding. A graze on his left arm.

“Can you breathe?” “Barely” “Good. Where's your cellphone?” “Here, in my pocket.”

Charles dialed the emergency services, and within minutes, an ambulance pulled up outside of the apartment building. Right along side was a plain white van.

The response team wheeled Duncan away and Charles just stood by numbly and watched. He felt a tap on his shoulder. A man in a blue wind breaker was standing next to him. “What happened?”

Charles slapped himself to try and regain some sense. “I saw a glint and figured he had a gun. I pulled mine, he pulled his. Then I shot him.”

“And the cellphone? Where is it?”

Charles pulled the cellphone out of his boot and handed it to the man in the wind breaker. “The F.B.I thanks you for your co operation, Mr Sanders. If you hadn't contacted us, we wouldn't have your brother in custody and enough evidence to prosecute.” then he turned and walked away leaving Charles standing in front of his apartment building.

Charles came back to himself, sitting in the little coffee shop, waiting for the bill. He sat there all quiet and thoughtful. He mostly thought about his brother and kept coming back to one thing. How could two brothers as initially similar as he and Duncan turn out so differently? Thanks to all his previous narrow escapes from the law, Duncan would be going away for a long time. Charles, on the other hand, was free to enjoy his coffee addiction in peace on the outside.


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author avatar vpaulose
30th Dec 2012 (#)

Nice story. Thank you Anja. Best wishes.

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