Black Beast Part Seven

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Part seven of my short story series. Sorry for the late post. Life is great at geting in the way sometimes. In this part, Charles has to make his decision about Duncan's offer.

The Deadline Approaches

Charles shakes his head as his mind drifts back to him. He looks around and realises where he is: on the same street as the café where he met Duncan. He sighs and decides to go in. He parks, pushes open the door, and the tinkle of the doorbell triggers a momentary image of his brother sitting at the table in front of him. He blinks twice he's gone.

Charles ignores it, sits down and orders some pie. He looks around while waiting. How can everything seem so ordinary and unchanged? The waitress comes with the pie and Charles's mind begins to wander.

He again feels the panic that he felt momentarily as he heard those footsteps coming up the fire escape. He grabbed his backpack and headed for the window. He shoved hard, and it opened. There was no fire escape, but there was a small ledge. He climbed out onto it and hugged the wall. He followed it until he came to a broken window. He climbed through that, and then sneaked down the corridor, down the stairs. He smiled to himself, patting his backpack before slinging it over his shoulder and walking back to the café. He drove from there back to his place and then opened the backpack. He just wanted to see it again. It was safe now. His money, and more importantly; the map.

The map was the thing he really wanted back. Now that he had it back, it was one less pressure point for Duncan to manipulate. The map was something that Charles had almost always had with him. It was one of the few things he kept from his past, before he had decided to turn his back on his brother and all that he had become.

Charles spent the rest of the day considering how he could best handle his brother's “request.” With the deadline fast approaching, he was making little to no headway. He played out many increasingly theatrical and silly scenarios in his mind. He was becoming more and more tightly wound.

When it finally came time to leave for work, Charles still had only a vague idea as to what he would do. On his way, he stopped at a kiosk and got a cheap cellphone. This he slipped into his boot.

He arrived at the home of Gregory P. Strom. He walked in, greeted some of the other guards as he walked by them. He began his rounds, still thinking furiously of what the best course of action would be. As soon as he got the opportunity, he entered the study, and frayed the cable of the security camera pointed at the desk with his pocket knife. He immediately heard a crackle on his comm: “One of you check the study. The camera just went dark.” Charles gave it a fraction of a second before he replied: “I'm nearest, I got it.”

The waitress approaches Charles's table, but has to ask him several times before he hears her. "I said, would you like another coffee sir?"


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