Black Gus is dead

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It's never nice to hear that everybody around you is dying. But alas, life shall not stop killing everything that's living and bringing new living things into being. Such is life. Which is a deceptive name if life doesn't just mean life but also death. Well, here we go again, one more person is dead:

Black Gus is dead

It's a Sunday morning. I have resolved to finally start doing some of my daily activities again today. Actually I have been resolving to do so for a few days now, but every time it seems I just still feel off from the virus I have and then I end up just sleeping most of the day, followed by some television and eating and then some more sleeping.

Today however, I think I'll just try to start doing a few things.

There's a whistle at the window. Is it a bird?

No, it continues when I whistle back. It's Osborn.

Osborn has bad news. At first it sounds like he says Mr. Specter is dead.

But, after a while I ask to make sure. Is Mr. Specter dead, he's sure?

Then he says it more clearly. It's Black Gus who is dead. Black Gus had been suffering for the past week or so from what seemed to be insanity.

Osborn had told me before that Black Gus in hospital seems to be very silent, and when you talk to him, he jumps and doesn't quite seem to recognize you.

Could it be what they call Kafferpoison? Kafferpoison is when one black person goes to a witchdoctor to place a curse upon another. Many black people seem to believe in this what they call Kafferpoison.

Well, on Friday already, Black Gus died.

I ask Osborn if he knows what was wrong, but Osborn says the hospital won't say because of "patient confidentiality" or some nonsense.

For now I guess it's a mystery why Black Gus died. Osborn blames the usual liquor and sex with a hint towards AIDS.

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