Black Lives Through White Eyes

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This is about how blacks and whites see each other through different lenses. People of different races do not always see the other in the same way as their own race.

Black Lives Through White Eyes

People of different races live on this planet. The race that is the most discriminated against is blacks. The two top races of people are blacks and whites in America. Blacks are good at a lot of things and Whites are good at a lot of things.
Black people and white people see each other through different lenses. Black lives through white eyes looks very different from the way blacks see blacks. Whites see whites through one lens. Whites are taught that they are the superior race and blacks and any other race are below them.
The poorest white person can look at a middle class black person or family and still feel they are better than the black person just because they are white. There are certain possessions that a black person is not supposed to have. Think about cars. There was a time when blacks were not allowed or looked at wrong if they have a Cadillac. Blacks are not supposed to have a car like that.
Cars like BMWs, Porsches, and Volvos are cars that blacks are not supposed to have in the eyes of white people who do not like blacks. White supremacists get very upset when they see a black person has something expensive. A black person is not supposed to speak very good English. Black people through the lens of a white person’s eyes become surprised that black people are smart and intelligent.
Blacks are not supposed to be educated in the eyes of hateful whites. Blacks are to be kept at a certain level when it comes how much money to make on a job. There are white people that can’t stand a black person that makes more money than them. Blacks have a closer relationship with god than most whites. From the slavery days, blacks only had the lord and each other to draw strength from and guidance.
White people have reaped the benefits of inventions that were created by blacks and taken credit for some. Black people have to work harder to reach the same goals than white people. There are certain jobs and sports that white people cannot stand to have blacks in. Golfing was and still is white peoples sport. Tiger Woods broke that barrier several years back. He did face some racism and bigotry.
There is a black NASCAR driver that is facing some racism today. Jobs like aircraft instrument repair hardly have any blacks in that field. There was one who became one of the best. He quit after ten years in the field to tackle other challenges. In the automotive industry, he worked at three different auto shops and was the only black person there.
He did face racism. Becoming the best auto technician at all three businesses was his weapon against the bigotry. He was so good that customers white, black, and even Asian, were giving their phone numbers to him and asking him to come to their homes to work on their cars. There were technicians who never met him but knew about him and about how good he was.
Black people are not supposed to know about cars as much as whites. White police officers kill blacks and pull blacks over way more than whites. Latinos are being feeling the bigotry of being pulled over more and more these days. The excuse that officers give every time they kill an unarmed black person is that they feared for their life. One officer was convicted of murdering an unarmed black man. The rest were acquitted.
If a black police officer killed an unarmed white citizen, he would be convicted and put on death row. It would not be a surprise if he was put to death sooner than other whites on death row. When celebrities or politicians are caught on tape making racist comments about someone black, the excuse is that they were joking and say that they are sorry for saying those things. The truth is that they are not sorry and they meant what they said.
They just did not mean to get caught. If someone is saying stuff like this and do not know they are being recorded, they mean these things because it is in their heart. There are other things that blacks are not supposed to have or do. Blacks are not supposed to live in an upscale neighborhood. Blacks are not supposed to fly first class.
The constitution did not really apply to blacks when it was first created. Some of the people who took part in the writing of that constitution were slave owners. “We the people”, did not really apply to blacks or any other race other than the white race. Blacks were not looked at as fully human. Blacks are not supposed to eat at fancy resturants. Denny’s had a bad reputation for treating blacks badly.
The labels that are attached to people when it comes to terrorism are different. It does not matter if it is overseas or domestic terror. A Muslim who commits a terror attack of called an Islamic terrorist. This paints a big brush over the Muslim religion. A black person who does some type of terroristic act is called a thug. A white person who does a terroristic act is called mentally unstable or has mental problems. All of the acts are terroristic acts. They are all terrorists!
White people see black people as slow, lazy, and do not want to work. They want the government to give them handouts. That can be partially true. If blacks were given the same opportunities when it comes to jobs, medical care and having equal pay, there would not be those blacks not wanting to work. If all races of people can see each other through one lens and not one color, the world would be a better place.
The civil rights movement moved the needle quite a distance. There is still some much more distance to travel. Star Trek is a great example of every race becoming equal and transparent in the eyes of the human race. Gene Roddenberry had a vision of a time where there was no racism and everybody was equal. It is time to make that a reality. It may not happen in our time, but we can plant the seeds and stepping stones that will hopefully lead to that vision.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
8th Dec 2017 (#)

I would trust a black person any day. Some of them are very selfless and godfearing. Although I regret just one black man who caused enmity as he wanted to get laid despite being married. Ended up with a court case as well.

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