Black ribbon today

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What I think of the tragic event in Paris yesterday. Are they really a group of fanatics as the official press tell us.

Black ribbon today

I imagine that all of you have noticed about the black ribbon on Google today. I have. It's the first thing I spotted. 12 people dead because of fundamentalists. or probably State terrorism. Who might possibly know?
Satirical publications may give us matter for thought on a given time, but just because they're satirical, they shouldn't be taken too seriously. Those who take these kind of publications way too seriously to the extend of attacking them with bombs or guns would like to see us kneeling at them and their principles. Freedom of speech or press is precisely this. Everyone should be able to have a say publicly or to write or draw whatever they want to, provided they aren't harming to anyone. If one doesn't like what a newspaper or magazine shows, they aren't obliged to read it.
Satirical journalists or cartoonists are entitled to write or to draw on any topic on current affairs and politicians, provided they've researched well and they criticize without insulting, because unfortunately the line between good criticism and blasphemy or plain insults is very thin.
I'm not a practising Catholic, but I wouldn't accept anyone to insult on the Bible, because this is a book on which there are many truths to be learned. A different matter is what the Catholic Church hierarchy are doing that on most cases have nothing to do with what the Bible says. So, it should be with the Cora. Me thinks.
As I watch the videos on such an attack in Paris, I wonder if it is for real or it's another blow on democracy and people's rights that has nothing to do with a group of fanatics that take justice with their own hands just as it happened in NYC on September 11th 2002. I'm just wondering...

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author avatar vickylass
9th Jan 2015 (#)

By commenting on this, one may be against all sorts of terrorism.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
9th Jan 2015 (#)

They sure are fanatics and terrorists. They are proliferating in all parts of the world. We all must unite to curb terrorism in all forms.

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author avatar vickylass
10th Jan 2015 (#)

Right now I'm starting to think that this is a new case of State terrorism as it happened in NYC on September 11th. Search for trustworthy info online.

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