Blanket of love two

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The second part of Blanket of Love hopefully part three will be on its way.

Blanket of love two

Jane looked at the test in shock, how could this happen? She thought to herself, as she has been so careful using contraception.
Jane walked around in a daze not knowing what to do; half of her was so excited but the other half was a bit dumbfounded, as she really wasn’t ready for children just yet.

Jane decided to wait for Henry to get home from work before she told him her news. How was she going to tell him? And how will he react? All these questions going round in her thoughts.
She decided to cook Henry his favorite meal a toad in the hole with mash potatoes, peas carrots and gravy.

Henry arrived, home about seven which was early for him as normally it is gone nine before he rolls in the door. He reached for Jane and held her close before giving her a kiss, He always did this on his arrival.

After Henry had, had his shower he went and sat down for his dinner, he smiled at Jane and said” thank you my favorite” she said” I thought you would like that for a change to salads and take-outs”
they then talked about their days and what they both had done, Henry had been very busy as normal and he was tired and looked it too with his five O clock stubble showing.
After dinner Jane cleared the dishes away and made a cup tea.

When both had got comfortable in the lounge and Jane knew that she had Henry’s full attention, she decided to tell Henry her knows.
“Henry” she said with a shy kinda voice” I have something important to tell you” Henry then looked at her with concerning eyes “go on, I hope it is good news cos after the day I have had I don’t think I can take any more bad!”

So with that Jane hesitated and thought about not telling him, but then the moment will never be right, so she took a gulp of her tea and started “you know I haven’t been feeling very well for a few weeks now, well I decided today to do a pregnancy test as my periods had stopped as well!” She then got the test out of her pocket and showed Henry the results.

He sat there and looked shocked. After a few minutes He looked at Jane and said “is this for real? You are not kidding me?” Jane looked at him with tears in her eye and just shock her head and said” no this is for real” then they sat in silence.
After a few minutes though it seemed like hours Henry reached for Jane and gave her a hug, she knew then that things will be ok.

Henry said “well OK this was unexpected, but I am delighted and so over the moon!” Jane looked at Henry as he sat there grinning, “yes but what about my job? And are we really ready for this?”

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author avatar Songbird B
17th Feb 2012 (#)

Good continuation without losing the flow, Kerry, and the characters are filling out nicely too..

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author avatar Buzz
17th Feb 2012 (#)

You're a fine story-teller, my friend.

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author avatar krrymarie
17th Feb 2012 (#)

Thank you guys gonna get started on the next part soon.

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author avatar richardpeeej
18th Feb 2012 (#)

A great story emerging Kerry, you capture the interest of the reader so well with your words my friend...

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author avatar krrymarie
18th Feb 2012 (#)

Thank you Richard glad you enjoyed. not started the next one yet!

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author avatar NancyG in TN
21st Feb 2012 (#)

This is a great place for writers, just joined and like it too!

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author avatar krrymarie
22nd Feb 2012 (#)

Thank you NancyG

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author avatar vpaulose
11th Oct 2012 (#)

Nice, Marie.

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