Blazer goes Fishing

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Blazer and his best friend Benny spend a hot summer day fishing at a river.

The Fishing Trip

Blazer and Benny walked through the town on a hot Summer town on their way to the lake. Blazer was bare chested and wore a pair of old shorts. His best friend Benny wore her red bikini top, her dusty baseball cap and a pair of short shorts .The two rabbits held hands which everyone thought was cute.

They came to a swimming area on a deep part of deep river. A group of children were busy playing in the mud. While on the beach, a group of teenage boys were diving into the river while the girls sat on some mossy rocks and watched. Benny and Blazer found a quiet place next to the fast flowing river.

Benny removed her shorts revealing her red bikini bottoms. Blazer took a beach towel out of his bag and laid it on the ground. He took his fishing rod then went to the edge of the river. Blazer waded ankle deep and made a perfect cast.

But his fishing line became tangled in a blackberry bush on the other side of the river. Blazer carefully held the line and waded into the water. He was chest deep when the current pulled him in the water and swept the boy into the thorny bush. It was difficult for Blazer to keep his head above the water.

Fortunately, a lifeguard on the beach saw him and went to help him. Once she pulled him out of the water, she took care of the scratches on his face, chest and arms. She cleaned and applied bandages on his wounds.

"Finished," she said looking him over "now stay out of the river"

The lifeguard stood up and placed her hands on his shoulders. "If you want to swim," she said "come over to the lake where it is safe." Blazer stood up and smiled.

Benny's Luck

Benny placed her shorts on a tree branch near the river, She waded ankle deep into the water. She took her fishing pole and cast the line into the water. Benny felt a tug on the line.

A boy was snorkeling in the river. He raised his head and looked at his back "What the?" he said. Benny had caught him by the shorts.

"I'm so sorry," Benny said as the boy swam over to her. The fish hook was stuck in his shorts. Benny tried to keep from laughing. The boy tried to remove the hook himself but couldn't.

He stayed in the deep water to remove his shorts. Benny waded close enough to take the shorts from him. She removed the hook from the shorts leaving a small Hole in the back. The embarrassed boy stayed under water.

Benny returned his shorts. The boy put his shorts back on and stood up facing Benny. He put his hands on his hips "Thanks for making me the catch of the day," he said half joking. He dove back into the water and swam away.

The Mud Hole

Blazer was standing chest deep in a muddy hole "What are you doing in there?" Benny asked him.

"Digging for worms to use as bait," he said shoveling mud.

"Why don't you just use the salmon eggs we brought?" Benny asked Blazer fur was covered in dark mud.

he threw a mud ball at her. Benny sighed, she pulled him out of the hole and carried him to the lake. "What are you doing?" he yelled.

"Giving you a bath," she said with an evil smile.

Benny threw him into the lake. He swam to the surface and splashed Benny who was busy laughing. Blazer climbed out of the water, His fur dripping wet and his small chest was visible. Benny went to take a towel out of her bag next to her fishing pole.

"Here," she said handing him the purple beach towel.

Blazer wrapped the towel around his wet chest.

A Quick Swim

The rabbits ate their lunch then continued fishing until both were so hot and sweaty they decided to take a swim. The rabbit placed their fishing poles into the ground. Benny waded into the water up to her chest and dove under "Come on in Blazer," she said "The water feels great." she laid on her back and floated in the river.

Blazer waded into the water and joined her. He dove under the water. "Ahh," he said when he surfaced next to her "this feels good."

He stood up and dunked his chest into the cool water. The two rabbits spent the rest of the summer afternoon swimming and playing in the water.


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author avatar Utah Jay
9th Dec 2014 (#)

I just started to read your rabbit story, but I guess I must start at the first. I write poetry and stories as well, but about ants...not rabbits so we are Okay...right?

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author avatar 2tfx
9th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks for reading! The beginning is The Boy Cheerleader which introduces his family and home. Stories about Ants sounds interesting.

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