Blazer's Baseball Lesson

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Blazer is going to learn how to play Baseball from his best friend Benny

Baseball Lesson

Blazer and Benny were standing on the school athletic field on a warm Saturday afternoon. Blazer loved sports and was a terrific athlete, but he knew nothing about Baseball. He couldn't even throw a ball. Benny decided to teach him. She brought her baseball equipment in a large canvass bag.

"The first thing I'm going to teach you are the rules of the game," she said placing her bag on the ground next to home plate.

"The way to score a run is to run around all three bases," Benny pointed to each "first, second, third." Benny then ran around the bases stopping on home plate. Blazer stood on the pitchers mound looking confused. Benny removed her hoodie revealing her bikini top. She tossed the hoodie in the dirt and wiped her hands on her jeans.

"There are four kinds of hits," she said "single, double, triple and homerun." Benny picked up her bat. "If you get three strikes then your out."

"Four balls gives you a walk." she said. " and a free pass to first base."

"Now throw the ball." She took a batting stance.

Blazer picked up the ball from the ground and threw as hard as he could. "What's that?" Benny said swinging the bat " you throw like a girl." The ball fell at her feet.

"I told you I can't throw a ball," he yelled. Benny picked up the ball then walked over to him.

"OK then go over there and try hitting the ball." she gave him the bat. Blazer held the bat in a very awkward position. Benny threw the ball, Blazer swung the bat but the ball hit him in his chest.

"Are you OK?" she asked running to him. Blazer had his hand on his chest.

"I was just hit in the chest by a hard baseball and your asking if I'm OK?" he said. Benny placed her hands on his furry chest and rubbed him gently, Blazer smiled.

Benny went back to the mound and threw the ball again. And again she hit Blazer. This time on his elbow. "I liked it better when you hit me in the chest," he said rubbing his elbow.

Benny threw the ball three more times before Blazer finally got a hit. He ran to first base and slid in the dust. "Your out," Benny said tagging him with the ball. Blazer stood with his white fur covered in dust. What?" he said. "How did you do that?" he asked wiping dirt off his chest. "You hit it back to the pitcher's mound," she said "I caught it and covered first base."

Since Blazer couldn't hit or pitch, she decided to play catch with him instead. She gave him the catcher's mask and glove. "put this on," she said. "Then go kneel behind home plate." Benny walked to the pitchers mound.

"Watch the ball." Benny said She threw the ball and Blazer caught it in the glove. "I did it." he said raising the ball over his head.

"Nice catch," Benny said "can you do it again?"

"I can try," Blazer said. The two spent the afternoon playing catch until dinner. Since Blazer couldn't play baseball.


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