Blazer's Birthday Party

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Sis plans a special birthday party for her twin brother, Blazer

Blazer's Twelfth Birthday

Blazer's friends and family were getting ready for a special party, It was Sis and Blazer's twelfth birthday, but Sis was planning a special surprise for Blazer. His own party! Sis was wearing her usual bikini. Mrs. Martinez spread a tablecloth on the table.

"Thanks for letting us have the party here," Sis said. She set the table with paper plates. Coach Solano lit the torches.

"It's our pleasure," Mrs. Martinez said with a smile "You know we would do anything for you and Blazer. She gave Sis a motherly hug.

"Does Benny know the plan?" Sis asked.

Mrs. Martinez answered "Yes, she will have Blazer here in time."

"I want my brother to have the best birthday," Sis said "this is the first one he has had separate from me. Sis was four minutes older than Blazer, a fact she never let him forget.

Big bro was busy blowing up balloons. "Hey Big bro," Mr. Martinez called from the other side of the pool "Can you help me hang the banner?" Big bro walked around the clear blue pool. The two men hung the banner which read:


"That looks great," Sis said "Blazer is really gonna be surprised."

Mrs. Martinez looked at the table "I still have to get Blazer's cake and his presents out here." She went back in the house. Mr. Martinez went into the house and came back outside with a ice chest filled with lemonade water and carrot juice.

"Everything is almost ready, Sis said "except for the birthday boy."

Blazer Gets Surprised

"Come on Benny," Blazer said in the pool "I've been swimming for two hours."

Benny was wearing her bikini and sun visor. She had a whistle around her neck and a stop watch in her hand. "Coach said you needed extra practice."

Blazer climbed out of the pool. He sat on the edge with his feet in the water. "I know my time was slower than usual," he said "But I'm still working on it."

Benny pushed him into the water "you still have another fifteen minutes of practice,"
Blazer splashed water on her. Benny sat on the edge of the pool, kicking water in his face "Get going," she said.

When practice was over, Benny blew her whistle "Okay Blazer," she said waving her hand "Out of the pool." The boy climbed out of the water. Benny threw his towel to him "Get dried off and let's go before we're late."

"Late for what?" he asked. He wrapped the towel around his bare chest.

"You'll see," Benny said trying not to give away the surprise. Blazer decided not to change his clothes. He walked home in his wet swimsuit.

Benny took Blazer into her yard. "Come around back," she said "I have something to show you." She took his hand.

They walked around to the pool. "SURPRISE!" everyone yelled.


Sis gave her brother a kiss "Surprise brother," she said hugging him.

"What is all this?" Blazer asked.

Benny gave him a kiss. "We planned a surprise birthday party just for you," she said. "It was Sis's idea."

"I wanted you to have a special birthday," Sis said taking his hand "and your own party." Blazer was surprised, he forgot about their birthday!

"Thanks Sis," he said. Blazer hugged his sister. All of his friends were invited. Glen, Rafael and Sara. Even coach Solano was there in her bikini. The guests wore their swim suits.

"We though you would like a swim party," Mrs. Martinez said. She gave the boy a hug
"happy birthday Blazer," she said. "Now go join your friends."

Everyone swam in the pool, jumped off the diving board and had ice cream and had chocolate carrot cake. This was the best birthday Blazer ever had.


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